You Can DIY Your Own Candles This Weekend With This Best-Selling Kit

There’s something extremely zen about the flicker of a candle. Couple that with a soothing scent and your fave music to mellow out to, and who really needs a spa? Well, turns out candle-making is just as therapeutic as lighting one up, and it’s super simple with this DIY Candle-Making Kit from Etsy. Trust me, if you’ve got something extra time on your hands, get into this.

DIY Kit, Candle-Making$32.97SHOP NOW

The candle-making kit, an Etsy best-seller btw, allows you to customize and make your own candle from scratch, and it comes with every tool you’ll need to do it, including glass vessels, soy wax, cotton wicks, and a mason jar for stirring the wax. You can also decide what you want to smell like by choosing from a ton of essential oils, like bergamot, lavender, eucalyptus, and cedarwood.

But the part you’ll probably love most is that the kit comes with dried flowers, lavender buds, and gemstone crystals for you to decorate your candle with, so that you don’t end up just building a plain jar of wax. The kit really is beginner-friendly, but if you don’t believe me, take it from this customer.

“Instructions are super clear, and the process is easy and rewarding. My candle smells wonderful,” wrote a review on the Etsy shop’s site.

The candle-making kit is pretty affordable too. It’s only $32.97 for enough material to make two candles. But if you aren’t really feeling like getting crafty, you can still add something new to your candle collection. Any of these babies below will instantly set the mood at home.

Beach Cottage Candle52$29.95SHOP NOW

Calming Waves Scented Jar$41.99SHOP NOW

Meadow Showers Candle$29.50SHOP NOW

Sun-Drenched Linen 3-Wick CandleBath & Body$24.50SHOP NOW

Don’t feel like you have to choose though. If the decision’s too hard, you can get all of these candles and the kit, too. No judgement here!

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