WWE veteran Natalya Neidhart reveals she's training her sister Jenni to be a wrestler – as pair slap each other's chests

NATALYA Neidhart has revealed that she has been training her older sister Jenni to become a wrestler.

The news came after Nattie, 38, recently shared that the pair have been working out in the ring.

Appearing on their YouTube podcast, the sisters wore stunning gowns to answer ten fan's questions, with Natalya introducing her "voluptuous, busty, bodacious, bouncy" sister.

They then slap each other's chest as Jenni, 39, shows her off impressive cleavage.

The stars also showed off their '5 pound dance' – a celebration of gaining weight and being "thicker than a snicker" because "thick is in."

Natalya and Jenni's YouTube subscribers are used to the sisters' antics.

They usually involve beautiful low-cut dresses, performing wrestling moves on each other, all-you-can-eat contests, and intimate Q&As while sitting in bed together.

In the latest video The Neidhart sisters share other fun facts including: Natalya's dream to wrestle the late 1980's wrestler Sensational Sherri, her favourite ice cream flavours, and favourite places to wrestlers.

Over the last year, their channel has gained more than 61,000 subscribers.

The Iron Woman of WWE has made a splash since entering #30 and rocking new gold gear during January's Royal Rumble event.

Jenni is not a wrestler yet (unlike her sister, father, and uncle) but calls herself a "culinary and ambience enthusiast."

Natalya is currently competing on WWE Smackdown on Fridays 8.00pm ET on Fox.

Here are some of Natalya's best pictures:

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