WWE legend Triple H stuns fans with isolation hair and beard transformation as he takes part in video call on The Bump – The Sun

WWE legend Triple H has stunned fans with his dramatic isolation hair and beard transformation after taking part in a video call on The Bump.

The 50-year-old, real name Paul Levesque, had been celebrating 25 years working in Vince McMahon's wrestling company.

For the majority of his fourteen world championship reigns, fans have become accustomed to the creator of NXT sporting short stubble.

In the last few years where Triple H has slowly transitioned from an in-ring performer to a backstage producer, he has also rocked a shaved head.

However, the former DX member shocked fans by his new-look isolation transformation.

Triple H has taken his time in quarantine to grow his hair back out while his beard has since become overgrown and tinged with grey.

One fan commented: "He's looking more and more like Jeff Bridges’ character from the first Iron Man movie."

Another said: "He looks like what I thought he'd look like if Stephanie divorced him and he was relieved of his duties in WWE."

A third added: "This is what happens when you come out to Motorhead for so many years."

WWE are set to honour Triple H's 25 years with the company with a special celebration on Friday Night SmackDown.

Though it is yet to be seen whether Trips showcases his new isolation look on TV or shaves to hark back to a more familiar image of the Game.

Meanwhile, SunSport previously reported that his father-in-law Vince McMahon's bad moods have reportedly “become a running joke and source of laughter” inside the WWE locker room.

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