Woman transforms home into makeshift movie theatre for date night with her wife

A movie buff grew so bored of the coronavirus lockdown that she transformed her house into a theater to treat her wife to a fun date night. Allie Shapiro, 26, went all-out to recreate the magic of the movies as a surprise for Allison, 28, complete with tickets, showtimes, and an authentically-overpriced snack stand.

Allie, an artist from Chicago, Illinois, got her parents to erect a ‘showtimes’ sign with movies Allison could choose to watch including blockbusters The Gentlemen, The Lion King and Birds of Prey. She then gave Allison monopoly money to buy her ticket. And after opting to see The Gentlemen, she was able to buy snacks with her remaining ‘cash’, including $50 for a small tub of Pringles and $100 for a beer, with the extortionate prices an affectionate dig at movie theaters’ costly food prices.

Allie decided to kit out the couple’s house with the elaborate movie theme last week while in quarantine. She planned the romantic stunt to bring the movies to comedian, Allison, who is missing the big screen experience after all cinemas temporarily closed last month to try and stem the spread of Covid-19.

Stunned Allison, who married Allie in June last year, said: ‘I was totally surprised and I had absolutely no idea about the whole idea. It was just like going to the movies.

‘We love visiting the the cinema but obviously we can’t at the minute so we’ve been watching a lot of films in the evenings. This was real fun and just mixed up the normal routine.

‘It was really cute and really romantic. It made an occasion out of what would have been just another night.

Allie added: ‘We are coming up to our one year wedding anniversary and we normally do a date night every week so I wanted to do something extra special.

‘We both miss the movies a lot, so I wanted to bring the movies to us.

‘We are in lockdown with my parents, in Ohio, so I had to get them to help me a little bit with setting up, and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.’

Allie said she spent hours transforming the downstairs area of the house into a movie theatre whilst Allison was busy working in another area of the house.

And whilst Allie and Allison were out to collect their evening meal, Allie’s parents helped out by finishing off the decorations.

Allie added: ‘We love to keep the relationship fun and we love to treat each other, so I wanted to make sure we keep that going even through the lockdown.

‘Allison has already got me back. I came down for breakfast the other day and she had made out kitchen into a little coffee shop.

Allie and Allison added they are planning on keeping up with their extravagant ideas for one and other and are already looking out for ideas on what to do next.

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