Well, It Looks Like TikTok Users Are Reviving the Fancy Nightgown Trend

One night, as I was deep into my daily TikTok scroll, I came across a video that I now think about a lot. It was half silly, half fashion-focused (the best kind of mix, IMO), with user @befitzgerald joking that an upside of being quarantined was wearing her vintage nightgowns, thus fulfilling her "destiny of making my neighbors think I'm a ghost." The clip went semi viral (which is how it ended up on my #ForYouPage) and others began pairing the voiceover with videos of themselves showing off their collections of satin, lacy nightgowns, some of which featured sheer robes, bows, and ruffles.

Sometimes, when I hear the word nightgown, I think of floral house dresses my grandma used to wear, or some sort of graphic Disney thing I lived in as a kid. However, over the past few years, fancy, somewhat glamorous creations have popped up all over social media, making me pause and wonder if nightgowns were actually kind of cool again.


Truly, if there were ever a time to trade in those well-loved lounge pants for an old school sleepdress, now would be it. It's sort of a happy medium between street clothes and PJs, and aside from all the '50s and '60s vintage versions available on Etsy, there are plenty of current brands who are on top of this trend. Plus, they won't just work indoors — many of today's top nightgowns can be worn outside the house, too.

Nightgown Fashion Trend, Olivia von Halle

Are you heading to a wedding or to your couch to binge watch Ozark? Honestly, you could probably do both in this silk Olivia von Halle slip ($400; shopbop.com).

Nightgown Fashion Trend,

This pink flutter-sleeve number from The Great ($165; thisisthegreat.com) is technically a sleepdress. However, if you added a pair of sneakers or sandals, you could totally get away with wearing it to brunch, or even a casual office.

Nightgown Fashion Trend, Doen

I can easily envision Doên's Lovisa Nightgown ($198; shopdoen.com) becoming one of those dresses I wear for everything on my schedule (including snoozing). It would even make a great beach cover-up.

Nightgown Fashion Trend, Sleeper

It's entirely possible you've already seen Sleeper's Atlanta Silk Dress ($420; shopbop.com) on your favorite blogger's Instagram — that's how popular this brand is in the fashion world. What's especially fun about this particular style is the fact that you can wear it off-the-shoulder, too, which gives it a sexy twist.

Nightgown Fashion Trend

These days, Skin's sleep shirt ($145; shopbop.com) would make for a great work-from-home uniform. In the future, however, I'd belt it, accessorize with necklaces or a scarf, and wear it to a backyard barbecue. 

Nightgown Fashion Trend, Natalie Martin

If you need any inspiration for how to wear any Natalie Martin dress — including this Fiore Maxi ($280, nataliemartincollection.com) — please head to Busy Philipp's Instagram. The star has been a fan for years, even wearing these nightgowns on her (sadly canceled) talk show, Busy Tonight.

Nightgown Fashion Trend, Shein

Need something easy and breezy for warmer weather? Shein's Contrast Lace Cami Night Dress ($13; shein.com) has a nearly 5-star rating, and you really can't beat that price tag. 

Nightgown Fashion Trend, Hill House Home

Hill House Home calls this ruffled, smocked design a nap dress ($125; hillhousehome.com), and, really, who am I to argue?

Nightgown Fashion Trend

Yes, Honeydew's Love Game Nightie ($68; shopbop.com) is fully sheer and super sexy, but try and stop me from layering it over a shirt dress, LBD, or even a black shorts set this summer.

Nightgown Fashion Trend, Lunya

I have no idea what Kate Middleton wears to bed, but considering the royal loves midi dresses, Lunya's Restore Fitted Dress ($168; lunya.com) seems just her style.

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