Watch the New 'Stranger Things' Season 4 "Welcome to California" Teaser

For Stranger Things Day, the Netflix series debuted the official map of Hawkins, Indiana, launched pop-ups in NYC and LA, released exclusive collaborative merchandise, and revealed its all-new “Welcome to California” teaser trailer.

Following the first Stranger Things 4 trailer which confirmed that Jim Hopper is in fact alive in Russia, the second that flashed back to Dr. Brenner’s Rainbow Room, and the third which introduced the haunted “Creel House,” the most recent trailer reveals that Eleven and the Byers family have decided to move to Lenora Hills, California.

After being separated for 185 days, Eleven writes to Mike, telling him she’s started to adapt to her new home and friends, though she clearly is having a hard time fitting as a spitball is seen hurled at her face. Eleven goes on to say “we’re going to have the best spring break ever,” as the two anticipate their reunion. However, scenes of the Byers’ house being attacked, military shootouts, and a creepy Russian doll that arrives in the mail suggests otherwise. The trailer notably sees the return of former investigative journalist Murray Bauman who will reportedly play a major role in the upcoming season.

Stranger Things Season 4 is set to arrive on Netflix next summer.

In case you missed it, Stranger Things revealed a “Creel House” trailer earlier in September.
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