Watch Boston Dynamics' Robot Dogs Recreate Rolling Stones' 'Start Me Up' Video

The Rolling Stones have teamed with Boston Dynamics to recreate the band’s “Start Me Up” video with the tech company’s robot dogs.

The tribute — released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the track and the album Tattoo You — features the original 1981 video alongside the somewhat-terrifying robots — named “Spot” — mimicking each of the band members’ actions, including Mick Jagger’s dance moves. The Spots also use their hand-heads to lip-sync along with the classic track’s lyrics.

The “Spot Me Up” tribute, made in collaboration with the Rolling Stones, marks the first time Boston Dynamics have employed the technology to reenact a music video.

The band recently released their 40th anniversary reissue of Tattoo You, complete with nine previously unreleased tracks — including “Living in the Heart of Love” and a cover of “Troubles a’ Comin’” — that were included on the bonus disc Lost & Found. The nine songs were all originally recorded while the Stones were making Tattoo You, but were recently completed and enhanced with additional vocals and guitar. 

Watch the original, Spot-less version of the video below:

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