Vernon Kay horrified after making awkward Jimmy Savile slip-up on BBC Radio 2

Vernon Kay’s presenting skills were put to the test today when he accidentally slipped up and called disgraced paedophile Jimmy Savile “iconic” live on air.

He was chatting to singer Marc Almond about his 1991 hit duet I Feel Love with Jimmy Somerville when he slipped up and accidentally said “Jimmy Savile”.

Vernon said: “Who can forget your great duet with Jimmy Savile?”

“His duet with Jimmy Savile – Jimmy Somerville, apologies, just blew me away, absolutely awesome.”

But the pro broadcaster managed to style it out and Almond, 64, “cracked up” at the mistake.

Vernon quickly backtracked and told listeners: “Well, that’s a clip we don’t want to ever hear again apologies. Jimmy Somerville, rewind.”

He later joked: “Crikey, I’m never going to live that one down am I? There’s a meme right there. Anyway, let’s move swiftly on.”

Listeners could not believe what they had heard on the breakfast show, where Vernon, 47, is filling in for Zoe Ball.

One wrote: “Congratulating Marc Almond on his duet with Jimmy Savile is the sort of morning entertainment you need.”

Another gleefully posted: “Proper laugh out loud moment hearing @vernonkay congratulating Marc Almond on his duet with Jimmy Savile rather than Jimmy Somerville.”

While a third chimed in with: "Vernon Kay getting Jimmy Savile and Jimmy Somerville mixed up. Deary me..Just stick to garlic bread and rola cola jokes, mate.”

And: “Vernon Kay, you had one job. Don't get your Jimmy's in a twist. Please can he be a regular on Radio 2? I never realised I need Jimmy Saville level bloopers to get me up in the morning.”

Meanwhile, Vernon, who is married to Strictly Come Dancing presenter Tess Daly, recently dedicated a “special song” to his blonde bombshell wife on the show.

Playing The Beloved's 1993 single Sweet Harmony, he said: “Get a load of this one.

“The Beloved, Sweet Harmony. I loved this tune so much, I married one of the women in the video.

“I’ll play this for Tess, Phoebe and Amber. And everyone who’s on the school run, enjoy!”

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