Tyson Fury left heartbroken as Instagram training keeps cutting out ‘destroying life’ as he uses workouts as motivation – The Sun

TYSON FURY looked heartbroken as his WiFi failed AGAIN during his lockdown live workout.

And he admitted not being able to share the exercise sessions on Instagram with his fans could "destroy his life".

The WBC heavyweight boxing champion puts on a sweatfest every morning at 9am along with wife Paris.

But despite spending £500 upgrading his Wi-Fi connections at his Morecambe home, the Gypsy King continues to experience issues.

Family Fury were stopped in their tracks numerous times in the first 15 minutes with the live video cutting out.

Tyson looked crestfallen every time he appeared back in front of the camera once connection had been re-established.

And he was open when discussing what the coronavirus lockdown workouts mean to him and his motivation.

He said: "This is a joke, I'm not sure what's going on.

"This is absolutely terrible, this is going to destroy my life this, I can't get up and not do these workouts.

"It keeps cutting off every two seconds, we have super speed, super everything.

"Maybe someone doesn't want me to do these workouts in the morning.

"Obviously I can't do these workouts anymore, I do apologise, I don't know what to do.

"There is nothing possible we can do anymore."

He has previously said that his mental health "would be terrible" and that he'd "be going round bend" if it wasn’t for the workouts.

After wife Paris suggested using 4G, they were able to resume their workout session.

The pair proceeded to do a four-circuit workout followed by 500 ab exercises.

Only two days ago the boxer encountered Wi-Fi issues and had the camera facing the wrong way for the duration.

He was also had a barney with Paris that saw her call him an "a***hole" and storm out.



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