Trevor Noah Mocks Republicans’ ‘Evil’ Plan To Restrict Voting

Trevor Noah tore into the GOP Tuesday over its efforts to restrict voting before the next election.

Following record turnout during the 2020 elections, Republican lawmakers in 28 states are now pushing more than 160 bills that would restrict voting access in some way. Proposed measures include limiting vote-by-mail, imposing stricter ID measures and allowing states to purge voter rolls with more ease. 

Democrats and voting rights activists argue that the bills are an effort to suppress minority votes following Republicans’ presidential election and Senate runoff losses. Many of the proposals would place a greater burden on voters of color.

“Hey, I get it. Republicans have to make it harder to vote so they have a better chance of winning elections,” Noah said on “The Daily Show.” “The only other option for them is to change their policies to appeal to a majority of voters. But come on, that’s way too hard.”

Noah did offer some advice for the Republican Party.

“If you guys are going to be evil, at least don’t be so blatant about it,” he said.

Watch his explainer and roast below:



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