The Apprentices Lottie Lion has nose job after relentless taunts by trolls

The Apprentice contestant Lottie Lion, who appeared in the show in 2019, has confirmed that she has had a nose job after trolls hounded her inbox everyday.

Lottie, 21, says she was bullied at school for her "unconventional looks" in her teens but eventually became more comfortable with her appearance during her late teens.

However after she joined BBC's The Apprentice the taunts from online trolls became too much and she decided on plastic surgery.

Lottie told The Sun: “I had some serious self-confidence issues about my side profile and appearance in general.

“I was bullied at school because of my nose, but between the ages of 17 to 19 was able to regain confidence, coming to terms with my unconventional looks.”

Despite going ahead with the nose job Lottie says she is ashamed that she let the online bullies win and hopes other girls don't follow suit.

Lottie initially became self-conscious about her nose after breaking it during a judo tournament at school and was mocked by other student while studying.

During her stint on The Apprentice Lottie was one of the least popular contestants and was reportedly not allowed to take part in the spin off shows after complaints from her rivals.


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After the show finished she was abused online and regretted going on Lord Sugar's smash hit BBC programme to the point she claimed it ruined her life.

She said: “I get messages and comments on a daily basis about my looks and what I should get changed.

"I feel slightly ashamed for having given in to these trolls — I still am an advocate for loving yourself and body-positivity."

Lottie maintains that she had the nose job done for herself and not for anyone else but hopes young girls are not influenced by her decision.

She still maintains she wants people to feel "comfortable in their own skin".

Lottie, from Bristol, recently lost her job as a business analyst due to the pandemic and turned to websites that helps people connect with wealthy older men.

Lottie wanted to keep up with the luxury lifestyle but her time on the site ended with her contacting police over "harassment" and "threats" from people she met.

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