Terrified driver fears ‘world is ending’ after huge green fireball lights up sky

A driver's dashcam has captured the incredible moment the sky was lit green after a fireball appeared out of nowhere.

He sent the footage to his fiancée, Sydney, and said he thought "the world was ending" at that moment.

Posting on her TikTok account, she claimed her partner was on his way to work in the early hours of Monday, February 22, in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The clip shows no other vehicles on the highway and as he approaches a bridge. Suddenly, a green-coloured meteor comes streaks across the sky.

As the meteor crashes through the thick layers of cloud, it illuminates the night sky for a split second before disappearing in the dark again.

The driver is heard saying "wow" after re-watching it on his phone.

Sydney said her fiancé was "terrified" because they had just watched new Gerard Butler disaster movie Greenland, which involves a man looking for shelter as a planet-killing comet hurtles toward Earth.

"This was after he had parked and was recording on his phone from his dash cam," she added. "I'm sure his initial reaction was probably more dramatic."

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    The American Meteor Society captured an approximate location of the meteor on a heat map with signs of the flash seen as far south as in Helena, Montana, about 500km away from Calgary.

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