Teen from polygamist ‘cult’ says dads having another child – his 151st sibling

A teenage boy born into Canada's most famous polygamous family has confirmed that his dad is expecting another child – which will be his 151st sibling.

Murray Blackmore, 19, is one of the 72 sons of the famed polygamist Winston Blackmore.

He and his brother Merlin, also 19, have taken to TikTok and shared how it is like growing up with one father and 27 mothers.

In his latest post, Murray confirmed that there has been "news of another pregnancy".

The teen says: "My sibling number will rise to 151.

"I don’t know if this is the last, I couldn’t tell you, but with what’s left of my parents, they’re still having kids."

He then mentioned that growing up with 150 siblings has been "the normal" for him his entire life.

Murray says: "I grew up with 11 siblings, all born in my same year.

"My parents has named all the kids that was born in the same year start with the same letter.

"So everyone in my age group all starts with an 'M'."

Viewers commented on his video and many said they couldn't imagine having so many siblings.

One said: "And I thought eight kids was a lot, I'm scared. Good luck I couldn't even give birth to one."

Another asked what he meant "what's left of my parents" and Murray clarified: "Just the wives that have left my dad over the years. At the most there was 27, now roughly 15."

Murray sometimes refers to his family as a "cult" as they were part of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, which is a Mormon denomination, until 2002.

His same-age brother Merlin previously lifted the lid on some of the "cult-like" practices.

He said his family had their own school known as Mormon Hills School and his classes were full of his own relatives.

"I always wondered what it would be like to go to a public school and I wanted to throughout all of my years of high school," he told his fans.

"But I wasn't allowed to as they were deemed 'bad'."

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