Tattoo model with 65% of her body inked says fans think shes been in jail

A model with around 65% of her body covered in tattoos has spoken out about her image.

Heidi Lavon, 34, from Oregon, is inked from head-to-toe and her partner James Marshall Ramsay is certainly no different.

The tattoo couple are known for their content on OnlyFans and TikTok where they flaunt their incredible body art.

But their unique appearance comes at a cost after the pair recently revealed how they feel like "black sheep " when they're out.

Now Heidi has admitted not everyone appreciates her unique look, with the model claiming trolls often judge her for it.

She revealed how she got her first tattoo on her 18th birthday and a lot of her inspiration comes from books or movies she watched.

Heidi told Fabulous: "I've had every comment in the book.

"'Does that hurt?' 'Why?' and 'How long were you in?' implying prison or jail time.

"It doesn't bother me. Some people are just living in a box and it's their responsibility to figure out how to live outside of it."

The model is engaged to James, 40, who lost his leg the day he returned home from the Army.

She began her tattoo craze from an early age where she inked memories from her "great childhood".

The beauty continued: "Tattoos have given me a constant reminder of where I've been and what I've overcome.

"They have also covered old scars with past traumatic memories of things that have happened."

The model has over 3million followers on TikTok where she tries on some sexy outfits or even takes showers with her parrot.

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She recently told Daily Star that when she bathes with her bird it's not sexual.

Heidi said: "I take lots of showers with my parrot. My partner showers with him and it's totally normal to us and other bird people.

"People are so used to it being dogs or cats, but don't realise how awesome birds are.

"It's definitely not a fetish. It's just a regular thing that bird especially parrot owners do."

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