Tattoo artist shares designs shed never do – plus customers shes turned away

A tattoo artist revealed moments she's had to turn clients away.

Katie Baker spoke about the inkings she's refused to do over the years – including when kids come in without getting consent from their parents.

In a viral TikTok video, she admitted she's also denied teenagers who request extreme tatts without properly thinking them through.

She recalled a conversation with one punter, who said: "Hey I'm 18. I don't have any other tattoos and I'd like a machete on my face."

But instead of taking their money, Katie responded: "No I’m not going to do that, please go and get a job and more tattoos and then we can talk."

Another came to her shop once and asked: "I’d like to get a tattoo of my boyfriend's name. He says if I don’t get it he’ll break up with me."

Katie was not happy about this, telling her: "No, I don't tattoo people who don’t fully consent to being tattooed.

"Are you safe at home? Do you need me to call someone?"

The tattoo artist also turned down people who asked for designs based on smoking – especially when they've never even smoked.

She tells these customers: "No, you're not about that life".

Finally, Katie won't ink anyone who is "clearly under the influence".

She hopes sharing her ground rules will inspire other tattoo artists to think before they ink certain customers.

And people appreciate the TikToker for looking out for them.

One commenter said: "I had an artist refuse to give me a tattoo of the Pringles man on my hip bone at 18… I wish I could find him now and thank him profusely."

And a second penned: "I’m all about artists choosing who and what to tattoo. I had someone tell me that artists like this are gate keeping… I was like what?!"

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