Spoilers: Neighbours' Toadie kisses Dee, but is she turning to the dark side?

Toadie (Ryan Moloney) calls Dee (Madeleine West) back to town in a bid to help sort out whatever Andrea is up to, but does he realise just how big a can of worms he could be opening in Neighbours?

Everyone is still getting used to the Elly shaped gap in the family when Toadie and the Kennedys are left horrified to be hit with a custody battle by Claudia (Kate Raison). Toadie remains positive, certain she doesn’t have a case against them. But when they discover her lawyer is Sam Fitzgerald, they know it’s time to worry.

And when Toadie is hit by a load of revelations that he cannot argue, it becomes clear just how much trouble they’re in. With him being ill-prepared to fight, they lose – and Claudia gets the baby.

Elly is devastated and turns to Andrea to comfort, and it gets her thinking about Hugo. She asks Dee if she can get her a photo of him to have, but with how things have just gone down Toadie is quick to deny Dee’s request.

But when Andrea tells Dee the news she starts to empathise with her sister, signalling the start of what could be something bad.

She really feels for Andrea missing her son, could she go against Toadie and try and sneak a photo herself? She’s being sucked in by Andrea and she’s on a slippery slope.

Elly starts to suspect something is up with Andrea and that it will have an impact on Toadie and Dee.

Dee decides to cheer Toadie up by taking him out fishing and the spark between them reignites, and the pair kiss. Dee starts to talk about the possibility of staying in town. What will this mean for them? Is Toadie ready to move on?

But what is Dee getting herself into with her sister?

Scenes air from Monday 18th May on Channel 5.

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