Solar eclipse horoscope: How will the total solar eclipse affect you?

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New Moons are thought to signal new beginnings. But December 14’s New Moon, which takes place in star sign Sagittarius, is considered particularly powerful. The Moon will on Monday be met with a total solar eclipse at approximately 4pm GMT (11am ET), and it is thought to help usher-in big changes for your future. medium, tarot card reader and clairsentient, Seth Vermilyea believes the eclipse’s arrival is an auspicious moment.

Tarot, astrology, and other arts can cut through the unknown and provide a clarifying direction’s Seth Vermilyea

He told “At such an uncertain time in our history, the mystical arts bring a sense of awareness that clears confusion.

“Tarot, astrology, and other arts can cut through the unknown and provide a clarifying direction.

“They give you the insight you need to make your next choice, guide your next decision, and strengthen your relationships.

“If you’re feeling separated from those you hold close this is a time to reflect, observe, and possibly even take your next step to choosing how you want to engage next.

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“New Moons bring welcome opportunity to reset and refocus. The past can be released. Your intentions can be laid bare.

“What is unique about this New Moon is how it coincides with a solar eclipse.”

An eclipse is thought to be capable of shedding new light on a situation or event.

As a result, you may see your relationships in new ways, because eclipses have a tendency to reveal that which is hidden.

Mr Vermilyea added: “A New Moon with an eclipse is a great time to set new intentions.

“It’s also a moment to wait for new insights and inspiration. With an eclipse revealing so much, quick decisions may be the order of the day.

“But if that’s not your design, look for the signs and respond accordingly.”


Aries, you’re already so good at ingesting information and making decisions that this New Moon is asking you to be inspired to create.

Mr Vermilyea said: “Engage in your fantasies and have a little fun.

“Bring the exotic to you if you can’t go to the exotic. It’s time to turn up the heat.

“This new way of thinking may feel like a departure from the norm. And it is!

“Jump in with both feet and forget about everything else for a bit.

“Especially because the eclipse is going to reveal just how ‘stuck at home’ you are.”


A new and refreshed love is on the horizon for Taurus on Monday.

Mr Vermilyea said: “It takes a sense of self-awareness for this to be possible.

“And during this new moon, you’re more self-aware than you have been in a while.

“Stay grounded, but dig deep for your emotional response. How do you feel about the people around you? Does it feel as if you need to get away?

“Or maybe you need to release someone, family, or chosen family that are no longer supportive.

“Especially if you find they’ve been less than honest. The eclipse just might reveal who’s been eating away at your soul.”


True to your twin nature, there are two experiences happening during this new moon, Gemini.

Mr Vermilyea said: “On one hand, you’re fighting for everything you believe in.

“On the other, you’re ready to tear it all down and start over.

“When it comes to relationships, these events can coalesce and still result in different outcomes. So consider what you’re fighting for.

“The eclipse just might find you ending any new relationships as it sheds light on inexperience and too many requirements of you.”


Cancer, it’s time to settle in and focus on what you have accomplished since the last New Moon.

Mr Vermilyea said: “You’ve achieved stability and success through hard work, commitment, and partnership.

“Pat yourself on the back and enjoy the moment. Of course, you probably wish there were a few things that went a bit better.

“But in the end, the outcome is the security you have today. The eclipse may real new insights into professional relationships. Keep your eyes peeled.”


Leo is considered to be in its element during this eclipse of the Sun.

Mr Vermilyea said: “The spotlight is on you, people see you, and you’re recognised.

“Of course, it’s all because you found a way to play by the rules (that you created) to get what you want.

“Sure you had to navigate your way and encourage others to help you achieve this success.

“But that’s the name of the game. Check your lane once in a while so that you’re still connected to the material world and aware of what others expect.

“The eclipse continues to support you on this path and it looks to continue for a while.”


The medium thinks Virgo’s partnership is stronger than ever.

He said: “If you’re thinking about celebrating your union by recommitting to each other (or committing for the first time) now is a great time.

“Friends and family can still celebrate from a safe and social distance.

“Which you’ll no doubt enforce. Even though it feels ‘wrong’ compared to how you envisioned it.

“The eclipse will reveal your next steps and you’ll see some obstacles ahead. But none of them are insurmountable.”


Libra, nostalgia is a beautiful thing – however, New Moons are a time for looking forward.

Mr Vermilyea said: “Careful not to get stuck in the past, what could have been, or the needs of others.

“Balance lies in recognising how to past can inform the future.

“One more warning, watch out for glorifying the past. The good ol’ days weren’t as great as you probably selectively remember.

“The eclipse will bring about a surprise lesson from your friends. Keep an eye out!”


Scorpio, the new moon brings a strong decision to the forefront – and yet you’re conflicted and it’s holding you back.

Mr Vermilyea said: “You’ve already thought this through from every angle and you know the right decision.

“Where has second-guessing yourself ever got you? Trust your decision.

“Now is the time. After the eclipse, then you’ll see things slow down a bit before you have to make the next decision.”


Sagittarius, let the feels happen. If things aren’t working out right now, it’s okay.

Mr Vermilyea said: “Know that there are folks out there who have your back.

“All you have to do is look up and reach out. They’ll support you until you’re ready to move on.

“Your instinct may be to plow ahead and carry the burden yourself. Imagine what would happen if you had a couple of good people to support you?

“You just might be able to see where you’re going next.

“The eclipse will reveal some new information about your finances that will cause some concern.”


Capricorn, it’s taken a bit but you’ve made it. Your relationships are solid and where you’d like them to be.

Mr Vermilyea said: “You feel great! Careful that you don’t get so defensive of them that you end up hurting yourself in the process.

“The eclipse will reveal how to work with your intuition in new and creative ways.”


The medium thinks now is a great time to set your intentions and plan all the things for Aquarius – or at least one important thing.

He said: “You might find yourself overzealous and try to start implementing before you’re done planning.

“This has happened before. Take a couple of days and focus on the intention and planning.

“You’ll know when it’s time to execute. This eclipse will reveal what parts of your network need to be cut out between now and spring.”


Pisces, this New Moon might feel like you’re fighting against your true nature.

Mr Vermilyea said: “And new experiences require us to put some that no longer serve to rest.

“It’s time to release the parts of you that are not a part of your future and step into your inner strength, power, and authority.

“This is not an easy place for you to exist and it’s something that continues to rear its head.

“It’s time. The eclipse will reveal new information via letter or email about how to start this transition.”

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