See How Your Favorite Stars Are Bringing In The New Year!

Traditionally, New Year’s Eve is an intimate time spent with lots of family and friends. We welcome the incoming year’s positive energy, reminisce on all that the past one brought, and embrace our biggest dreams with the faith that they’ll come to pass. Although most of us had smaller versions of the festive events that we’ve become used to, that doesn’t mean that the day was any less magical. The stars that we love most also embraced this new reality as 2020 closed.

Let’s be honest—last was a lot. But we got through it and that’s something to be grateful for! We know that there’s no magic wand that will undo all that happened in 2020, but with belief and love, we know that there’s nothing that we can’t accomplish in 2021.

So, set those intentions, enjoy a big bowl of black eyed peas, greens and cornbread and keep scrolling to check out how celebs also welcomed in the new year.

Happy 2021!

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