Royal Mint launches Team GB Tokyo Olympics 50p coins which could be worth £100

The Royal Mint has launched a new 50p coin to mark the 2020 Olympics taking place in Tokyo next month.

For the first time in Olympic history, the games were postponed last year due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Now as the games are set to go ahead next month on July 23, a new coin to mark Team GB has been launched.

The coins were first released as part of a commemorative set at the beginning of last year featuring the year 2020.

But now the coins are being sold separately, although these versions are minted with a 2021 stamp.

Earlier it was revealed how one of the 2020 versions of the coin fetched for a whopping £100 on eBay.

Coin experts at ChangeChecker think the value of this particular design could spike even more as collectors rush to nab one.

A spokesperson told The Sun: "A story like this also adds to the collectability of a coin.

"I'm sure many collectors will be eager to ensure they have both coins in their collection."

The coin was designed by the Royal Mint's senior designer David Knapton which features small illustrations to represent each sport.

There's a bike for cycling, a shuttlecock for badminton and not forgetting oars to represent rowing in the Olympics.

The design still features the 2020 date, the year the Games were due to go ahead, but with 2021 stamped on the front.

Sadly these coins won't wind up in your pocket as they're only commemorative so they're not entering circulation just yet.

The Royal Mint is yet to announce plans about whether the coins will enter circulation at a later date.

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