Royal expert reveals how Archie will spend his first birthday

Archie’s big first birthday plans: Meghan Markle will bake a ‘sugar-free’ cake before the family ‘splashes around in the pool’ and video calls the Cambridge children ‘for the first time in months’, royal expert tells Ok!

  • Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle’s, 38, son will have first birthday tomorrow
  • A royal expert has now revealed how the trio will celebrate Archie’s big day 
  • Katie Nicholl said they will video call Cambridges ‘for the first time in months’
  • Said Meghan may bake a ‘sugar-free cake’ before they all ‘splash around in pool’

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are set to celebrate their son Archie’s first birthday tomorrow with an ‘organic, sugar-free cake’, a splash around in their pool and a video call with the Cambridge children, according to a royal expert.

Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle, 38, are currently living in a Malibu mansion with their son having officially stepped back from royal duty at the end of March.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl has now revealed how the couple plan to celebrate Archie’s first birthday, telling OK! magazine: ‘The Queen will wish him happy birthday this week via Zoom as will the Cambridge children. They haven’t seen their little cousin in months so they’ve been looking forward to seeing how much he’s grown.’

Meanwhile she also claimed that while the family are busy settling into life in LA, the thought of having a ‘little brother or sister for Archie’ is ‘very much on the agenda’ as the couple are still considering having another child. 

Prince Harry, 35, and Meghan Markle, 38, will celebrate their son Archie’s first birthday tomorrow with a ‘healthy’ birthday cake, a splash around in the pool and video-calling the royal family, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl 

She said that while Prince Harry and Meghan have ‘a lot going on’ searching for a permanent residence, preparing for the launch of their charity and getting used to life in LA, the thought of a second baby isn’t off the cards.

The royal expert revealed: ‘A little brother of sister for Archie is very much on the agenda…they seem to relish being busy and it really wouldn’t surprise me if we get a pregnancy announcement.’ 

Katie revealed how the couple and their son might spend a quieter day for  his first birthday tomorrow.

She explained that they don’t have a big entourage in their home, with just a nanny, housekeeper and security on site during the lockdown.

Prince Harry and Meghan may enjoy ‘splashing about in the pool’ with Archie if the weather in Malibu is warm, according to the royal expert

Katie said the Duchess would be keen to whip up a birthday cake for her little-one, adding that she ‘loves being creative in the kitchen.’

But far from a sweet and sugary treat for Archie, the royal expert said it would likely be ‘organic’, ‘possibly sugar-free’ and ‘suitably healthy’ for the family.  

The expert also said that despite recent tensions between the families, the Sussexes would video-call the Cambridges so that the cousins could see each other on the big day.

But while Archie may not be able to enjoy any playdates with friends and family in the Los Angeles region due to the coronavirus lockdown, Katie said he had become ‘best friends’ with the family’s pet dogs. 

Meanwhile Katie also revealed how the couple would likely ask friends and family not to send gifts because he has ‘everything he needs’

Speaking of Prince Harry and Meghan’s beagle Guy and labrador Oz, the royal expert said they had been ‘the family’s saving grace’.

She explained that they are ‘very good’ with Archie and he has become ‘very used to them.’ 

Meanwhile the royal expert also said it was unlikely the little royal would be showered with gifts on the big day, saying that he ‘has everything he needs.’ 

She added that the couple would likely appreciate presents ‘with meaning’, such as donations to children’s charities.    

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