Queen Elizabeth Is 'Delighted' With Prince William and Kate Middleton's Work During Coronavirus Crisis, Royal Expert Claims

Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have been very vocal in providing support and encouragement amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, chatting virtually with people in place of their in-person engagements and announcing their support initiative Our Frontline. One expert shares that the Cambridges’ work in this area hasn’t gone unnoticed by Queen Elizabeth.

Prince William and Kate have been reaching out

In this time of social distancing, Prince William and Kate have found a more flexible way to continue working, using video calls to connect with people.

They have also reached out to organizations, with Kate penning a letter to Action for Children, a children’s charity she became patron of in 2016.

“I’m writing to express my sincere appreciation to all of you at Action for Children during this hugely unsettling time,” Kate started the letter. “Your willingness to be there for those that need your help is truly humbling.”

She continued, “Whilst you are having to adapt your services during this pandemic, it is heartening to know that you are still able to provide vital support to children and families across the U.K. who need your help now more than ever. Many of you are working on the frontline, in residential and other settings, to directly support children, with many others enabling this all to happen behind the scenes,”

“You must all have particular concerns at the moment for children who are especially vulnerable and who are spending time in home environments where they are at risk of violence, abuse and neglect. I know you will be doing all you can to look out for them,” Kate noted.

She concluded, “Your willingness to be there for those that need your help is truly humbling. This comes with my very best wishes for good health to you all and your families over the coming weeks.”

They launched a frontline program

In addition to participating in virtual engagements, the Cambridges are offering support for the mental health of those working on the frontlines during this crisis, launching Our Frontline.

“Over the past few weeks, millions of frontline workersacross the UK have put their physical and mental health on the line to protectus all during the Coronavirus pandemic,” Prince William noted in a statement. 

He continued, “Every day they confront traumatic situationsat the same time as having to contend with their own worries about the risks tothemselves and their families. That takes a real toll, and as I’ve seen formyself through my work with the Air Ambulance, without the right support at theright time the challenges they face will only be greater. Catherine and I,together with The Royal Foundation, will do all we can to support OurFrontline. This work will be our top priority for the months ahead.”

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Today @MindCharity, @SamaritansCharity, @GiveUsAShoutInsta, @Hospice_UK, and The Royal Foundation have come together to provide round-the-clock mental health support to frontline workers. Each of these organisations will be providing expertise in their relative field, to support the extraordinary people on the frontline responding to COVID-19 in the UK, and supporting the mental health sector as it responds to the immediate and long-term mental health consequences of the pandemic. So what does this mean? This means trained volunteers will be on hand, by call or text, as well as specially developed online resources, toolkits, and advice to support the frontline community’s mental health through this challenging time. Visit @OurFrontlineUk to learn more about #OurFrontline.

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Queen Elizabeth is rumored to be ‘delighted’ with the Cambridges

Prince William and Kate have shown how this current crisis is their top priority and have taken action that the queen is reportedly “delighted” about.

“With a select staff including her senior dresser and confidante Angela Kelly, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are in virtual self-isolation at Windsor,” royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams shared with Express. “The presence of the Duke will undoubtedly be of considerable comfort to the queen during this unprecedented period of emergency.”

He continued, “This will undoubtedly concern her greatly aswill the situation in other Commonwealth countries. After what has been aparticularly difficult period for the monarchy it has been clear that it auniquely unifying force in times of trouble.”

Fitzwilliams called the queen’s message to the nation about the current pandemic “skillfully crafted” and remarked, “We are indeed lucky to have so experienced a monarch as our head of state during this testing time.”

Fitzwilliams added that the queen “will be delighted by the recent activities of the Cambridges too.”

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