Pub quiz round ideas: 26 quiz round ideas for your virtual pub quiz

Create a quiz that is too difficult and your participants and friends may get frustrated. Too easy and people could get bored. Striking the perfect balance for quiz questions is an art form in itself. has all the quiz round ideas you need for a great night in. 

Pub quiz round ideas 

2020 in music: 

Q: ’Future Nostalgia’ is the second studio album from which English singer?

A: Dua Lipa 

Q: ‘Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent’ is the debut album of which Scotting singer-songwriter?

A: Lewis Capaldi 

Q: ‘Stupid Love’ was the debut single from the album ‘Chromatica’ from which US superstar?

A: Lady Gaga 

Q: Best known for the song ‘Stay With Me’, which English singer released ’To Die For’ in 2020?

A: Sam Smith 

Q: Which country legend known for ‘Island in the Stream’ and ’The Gambler’ sadly died in March 2020?

A: Kenny Rogers 


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General Knowledge 

Q: ‘The Second World War’ is a six-book-series written by with British former Prime Minister?

A: Winston Churchill 

Q: In the Bible, who lead the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea?

A: Moses 

Q: In which English city do the Blues and the Villains play football?

A: Birmingham

Q: Which Labour MP served as Leader of the Opposition between September 2010 and May 2015?

A: Ed Milliband 

Q: Jack Dee, Mark Owen and Bez won the first three series of which celebrity show?

A: Celebrity Big Brother 

Q: Woman’s Hour is a long running programme on which BBC Radio station?

A: BBC Radio four 

Q: The buddy comedy ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ stars John Candy and which other American comic actor?

A: Steve Martin 

Q: ‘Stash’ is a range of perfume from which Sex and The City actress?

A: Sarah Jessica Parker


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Q: Saint Petersburg, Stockholm, Helsinki and Riga are all situated on which sea?

A: The Baltic Sea 

Q: Which is the most northernly capital city in Europe?

A: Reykjavik 

Q: What is the name of the longest mountains range in South America?

A: Andes

Q: In which city is the famous Edvard Eriksen statue, The Little Mermaid?

A: Copenhagen 

Q: What is the name of the currency used in South Africa?

A: South African rand 

Q: Which type of eagle appears on the national flag of Mexico?

A: Eagle 

US Presidents 

Q: Which US President won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2009?

A: Barack Obama 

Q: Which US President who served between 1974 and 1977 was also a former male model?

A: Gerald Ford 

Q: Who resigned from the Presidency in 1974?

A: Richard Nixon 

Q: Which President used the slogan ‘The buck stops here’?

A: Harry S. Truman 

Q: Which animal serves as the symbol of the Republican party?

A: Elephant 

Q: Which US President was known as ‘Dubya’?

A: George W. Bush

Q: Which President came up with the 1930 ‘New Deal’ recovery plan?

A: Franklin D. Roosevelt 

Additional quiz round ideas: 


2020 in movies 

1980s music 

Food and drink 

Harry Potter

The Simpsons 

Peep Show 




Picture rounds:

Name the famous landmark – from outer space 

Correctly complete the drawing of the logo or brand

Name the album cover 

Name the extract from a popular children’s book

Name the book from its cover

Put these famous faces in age order 

Name the thing that has been photoshopped in or out of this famous image 

Traditional questions round:

Who Said That? Name the actor or actress who said the given line and what film they appeared in

TV Theme Initials – Take a popular theme tune with words and break it down initials. For example, the Friends theme tune would be SNOTYLWGTBTW 

Guess the celebrity from the famous daisy chain – e.g. _ Gosling + Ryan _ = Ryan Gosling 

Name that Synonym – this can be entertaining and will undoubtedly cause participants to kick themselves! For example, the well behaved, the substandard and the hideous = The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

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