Pub owner cooks 'good steak' using a toaster

Pub owner says anyone who doesn’t know how to cook a ‘good steak’ should put it in the TOASTER, and claims it’s just as good as frying

  • Craig Harker, 33, owns The George Pub and Grill in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham
  • Posting on Facebook, he revealed the outcome of cooking steak in a toaster
  • Said he won’t be serving the dish to customers but recommends trying the hack 

A chef has shocked customers after revealing he cooked the perfect steak by trying the social media hack of placing meat in a toaster.

Craig Harker, 33, decided to give the viral tip a go by buying a cheap toaster and throwing some different cuts of steak in to see how they turned out.

He shared photographs of his end results on the Facebook page for the business he owns, The George Pub and Grill in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham – leaving customers wondering how he managed it.

The chef revealed that he seasoned the steak as he normally would and then put it in the toaster for a few minutes until it came out medium rare. 

Although he didn’t reveal his exact timings or settings, others who have tried out the hack recommend toasting the meat on the highest setting four times to get a medium rare steak. 

However, some experts have warned against trying the hack, saying that the grease and fat that drips down to the bottom of the toaster could easily catch fire.  

Craig Harker, 33, who owns The George Pub and Grill in Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, has impressed customers after sharing a photograph on Facebook of steak cooked in a toaster (pictured)

Craig bought a variety of different cuts of steak and a cheap toaster (pictured) to try the hack that’s proven popular on social media 

The chef explained that he seasoned the meat as he normally would, before placing it in the toaster for a few minutes (pictured)

Craig was in for a shock when he tried the unconventional method and claimed it tasted just as good as it normally would if he had fried it.

Craig said: ‘I had seen it online and thought there is no way you can cook a steak in the toaster. So I had to try it out for myself because I know how to cook a good steak.

‘I tested it out first with a rump steak to get the settings right; I seasoned it as I normally would because if it’s seasoned well, you might still get a good steak.

‘I played around with the settings on the side and the first one popped up too rare so I put it down for a second time but then we overcooked it.

Craig (pictured) said he was shocked to discover the steak tasted as good as it would when he normally fries it 

Craig explained that he had to experiment with the settings on his toaster (pictured), after his first attempt was too rare and second was overcooked

Craig said the third steak he made in the toaster cooked medium rare and was pink in the middle but well done on the outside 

‘It was trial and error but when we put the third steak down, it came out medium rare and was pink in the middle but well done on the outside.

‘It tasted really nice and was red hot; if someone doesn’t know how to cook a good steak just whack it in the toaster.

‘I won’t be serving it to anyone but it’s fun to show people!’

Despite lockdown causing Craig’s business to shut, their takeaway service has been busier than ever meaning he’s looking to expand.

Craig said the third steak tasted ‘really nice and was red hot’, as he suggests the hack (pictured) could be useful for anyone who doesn’t know how to cook a good steak 

Craig added: ‘We do takeaways and deliveries and we’re lucky that our customers are being really loyal to us.

‘The reaction to the steak online was amazing; we have a big following on Facebook but I did warn people not to try it at home.

‘I didn’t expect for it to work at all.

‘You always see these videos floating about online but I was shocked that it came out restaurant quality’. 

Craig whose pub has been offering takeaway meals throughout lockdown, added that he has warned their Facebook followers not to try the hack at home. Pictured: Craig’s daughter 

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