Prince Christian's life will change when he turns 18, expert says

Danish heir to the throne Prince Christian ‘has one more year of freedom’ before he turns 18 when he will be given ‘more responsibility’, expert claims – as he celebrates his birthday after weeks of family turmoil

  • Prince Christian, son of Crown Prince Frederik, celebrates his 17th birthday 
  • The heir to the throne has made headlines with his behaviour in recent months
  • Lars Hovbakke Sørensen said the Prince’s life will change from next year 

Prince Christian of Denmark’s life will change ‘significantly’ from next year when he turns 18, a Danish royal expert has said.

The eldest son of Crown Prince Frederik and third-in-line to the throne is celebrating his 17th birthday today, after what has been an extraordinary month for the Danish royal family.

Following Queen Margrethe’s decision to strip Christian’s cousins, Prince Nikolai, 23, Prince Felix, 20, Prince Henrik, 13, and Princess Athena, 10 of their royal titles, the family was embroiled in a row between Prince Joachim and the rest of the family.

As the dust appears to have settled on the row, royal historian Lars Hovbakke Sørensen has told Danish publication B.T. that Prince Christian only has one year left to enjoy the ‘freedom’ he currently has before he reaches the age of 18. 

Prince Christian of Denmark (pictured in a photo posted on the Danish Royal Household’s Instagram account) turns 17 today, and a royal expert has warned he only has one more year to enjoy the freedom he currently has

Prince Christian (second from left with his father, Crown Prince Frederik, grandmother, Queen Margrethe II, mother Crown Princess Mary and siblings  Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine) will be given more responsibilities when he turns 18

Lars said: ‘This is the last year when he has his freedom to do what he wants. He will be fairly protected on a day-to-day basis. There is an important distinction when he turns 18.’

The publication explains that the Danish royal household has an ‘unwritten agreement’ with the press to ‘let children be children’ within the family – meaning for the most part, the royal children can go about their life behind closed doors.

However when they become adults, they can much more freely give interviews to the press.

Lars continued to explain that when Christian reaches the age of 18, he will enter the State Council, and will be given more responsibilities in his role, including carrying out royal engagements.

Crucually, he said that if Christian’s parents, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, are out of the country for whatever reason, then young Christian will act as regent.

Queen Margrethe with her son Joachim, his wife Marie and his demoted children (from left) Nikolai, Felix, Athena and Henrik

 Over the last few years, the teenage Prince Christian has made headlines in Denmark after being spotted up to mischief with his friends.

Last month, he was caught on video spraying champagne over his friends and fellow peers while on a school ski trip. 

Earlier in September he also faced scrutiny during his grandmother Queen Margrethe’s Silver Jubilee celebrations, when he was spotted appearing to make controversial hand signals while posing for photos on the red carpet.

B.T reported that the teenage prince had made a reverse ‘OK’ sign, which caused a stir as the sign has become known in some far-right circles of the internet to mean ‘white power’.

While it was widely accepted the act was a silly joke rather than a political statement, royal experts in Denmark warned the Prince should think more carefully about his behaviour during public appearances.

At the time, royal correspondent Jacob Heinel Jensen told the publication: ‘Most likely it’s just a prank he’s having with his friends, but it’s definitely not an appropriate event.’

Prince Christian’s 17th birthday comes after a turbulent few weeks for the Danish Royal Family after Queen Margrethe, 82, announced his cousins would be stripped of their princely titles from 1 January 2023.

The Queen said Prince Joachim’s four children would be known from next year as His/Her Excellencies and would instead hold Count/Countess titles.

In response, Prince Joachim told Ekstra Bladet that his children had been ‘hurt’ by the decision – and claimed he had only been given a few days to break the news to them before the announcement was made publicly.

He later admitted his relationship with his brother, Crown Prince Frederik, whose children were unaffected by the change, was ‘complicated’.

In an extraordinary statement, Queen Margrethe responded with a public statement in which she apologised for the way in which her decision was announced, but insisted it was the right thing to do.

She added her decision had been made in order for her granchildren to live a more normal life.

After nearly two weeks of reported tension within the family, it has been reported that Prince Joachim and Queen Margrethe have held talks to smooth things over. 

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