Police shame beer thief for stealing Bud Light in the early morning: 'Clearly not a breakfast beer'

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They’re totally right. Breakfast calls for something like a coffee stout or a brown ale.

Police in North Carolina are shaming a thief who was caught stealing two packs of Bud Light from a convenience store in the early morning, suggesting that he was too unrefined to realize Bud Light is an inappropriate “breakfast beer.”

“This gentleman left the Lake Waccamaw Sam's [Pit] Stop last week at 6:30 a.m. and completely forgot to pay for the two [12-packs] of Bud Light he was carrying,” police wrote in a Facebook post shared Monday, along with two surveillance photos of the thief.

“This is very concerning to us. Bud Light is clearly not a breakfast beer.”

The Lake Waccamaw Police went on to ask for the community’s assistance in “identifying this gentleman so that we might educate him on the benefits of quality over quantity.”

While they didn’t offer any specific examples of their preferred beers to pair with eggs, pancakes, or even Fruity Pebbles, police did indeed suggest that any type of “breakfast stout” — which are often brewed with notes of coffee, chocolate or even maple — is a better choice than a lager.

Specifically this light lager, according to Lake Waccamaw police.

A representative from the Lake Waccamaw Police Department did not immediately return a request for comment on whether the non-discerning drinker had been identified.


In the meantime, police offered a kind “dilly dilly!” to any Bud Light fans they may have offended with their remarks.

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