Petition to Grant Hero Capitol Cop Eugene Goodman Medal of Honor Flies Past 5k Signatures

See the exact moment he diverted the mob away from their target.

A petition to grant USPC Officer Eugene Goodman the Medal of Honor is fast gaining traction after footage emerged of him single-handedly holding off the invaders during Wednesday’s despicable attack on Capitol Hill.

Not only that, the now viral clip of the lone officer shows how he consciously led the mob away from the Senate chamber, where lawmakers were hiding.

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One of the very few uplifting clips in a day filled with shameful examples, it shows Officer Goodman, completely alone, as he faces down the seething crowd. Hopelessly outnumbered, he begins to slowly retreat, stooping to pick up his only armament — a baton — as he carefully backs away.

As he sprints up the stairs he stops and turns to face the pursuing invaders at each landing, ensuring they don’t break into a stampede behind him, buying valuable seconds for those he is protecting, all while radioing for back-up that seems an age in coming.

Goodman’s quick thinking is evident when he reaches the second floor landing and throws a glance at the Senate Chamber door, which he realizes is unguarded; instead of backing past it and putting the rioters on a possible collision course with members of Congress, he gives the lead protester a small shove to keep his concentration on him, thus drawing the crowd up another set of stairs, where he is finally met with some reinforcements.

“Inside the Senate, the evacuation was not complete. If the rioters had breached that door, they would’ve found themselves face-to-face with Senate leaders. Bloodshed would have been a definite possibility,” the petition claims.

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“Instead, the rioters pursued Officer Goodman down another hall and into a larger vestibule where Capital police backup was waiting to reinforce him. The incident was defused without harm or injury and Senate leaders were able to safely evacuate.”

“Officer Eugene Goodman recognized a critical moment where the lives of others were at stake. He courageously risked himself to divert rioters and exemplifies the courage an[d] bravery that is the hallmark of Capital law enforcement. In a very difficult time, his character shone through. He is an American hero.”

The petition, targeted at Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Kamala Harris, has already flown past 5k signatures.

Meanwhile, the lead man apparently chasing Goodman in the video was arrested at his home in Iowa on Friday night.

Doug Jensen, 41, faces five federal charges, including: knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority; disrupting the orderly conduct of government business; violent entry and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building; parading, demonstrating or picketing in a Capitol building; and obstructing a law enforcement officer during a civil disorder, USA Today reported.

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