Peter Hook Talks Friendship With New York Superfans in 'Dennis and Lois' Clip

Joy Division/New Order’s Peter Hook discusses his friendship with Dennis Anderson and Lois Kahlert in a new clip — the New York couple are the subject of Chris Cassidy’s new documentary Dennis and Lois, out April 28th.

“They’re iconic in the way that they were there when a movement started,” Hook tells the camera as shots of him performing “Ceremony” play in the background. “When Manchester and New Order came to America and the way it affected the world, [it] was because of New York and people like them.”


“You tend to pick up friends when you’re small,” Hook added. “And those friends are the ones that last right through. When you get to that period as a band when you’re huge, when you can’t tell your friends from your enemies, people like Dennis and Lois are very important.”

Anderson and Kahlert had their first date at New York’s legendary venue CBGB in 1975, and have seen over 10,000 live shows since. They inspired a Happy Mondays song and a Spin magazine comic strip. In the official trailer, the couple describes going to four shows a week, sometimes three shows a day, for over 40 years.

Cassidy filmed more than 550 hours of footage for the documentary, which contains praise from the couple’s favorite artists, including the Smith’s Andy Rourke, the Ramones, Happy Mondays’ Paul Ryder, Stone Roses, Mekons, the Hold Steady’s Craig Finn and more.

“They all became our children,” Kahlert told the New York Times in 2017. “We became friends with the musicians because we’re real people, not just groupies. They trust us because we’re not just there for the drinks.”

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