People share pareidolia snaps after seeing 'faces' in objects

They’re always watching! Social media users reveal the VERY unusual places they’ve spotted ‘faces’ on inanimate objects – from a stapler to a fresh bake

  • Facebook users from around the world are sharing pictures of faces in objects 
  • Bizarre pictures include faces in  flowers, planks of wood and candle holders 
  • Things With Faces Facebook group shares images of psychological phenomenon

Have you ever had the feeling you’re being watched? Well you’re not alone.

Pareidolia is where the mind ‘imagines perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist’, according to the World English Dictionary.

And now Facebook users from around the world have been sharing their hilarious pareidolia snaps to the Things With Faces  group after noticing various ‘faces’ in inanimate objects. 

The pictures include people who have been surprised by animated expressive faces in their skin cream, toilet roll holders, staplers and plants. 

Some have even claimed to have spotted popular people from films and television, including  ET, Sid the sloth, and Harry Potter characters  in their mundane everyday objects. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals just a few of the hilarious examples of ordinary items which appear to have human faces. 

A happy home! Diana Giulietta Margot, from Norway, shared a picture of a pair of eyes she spotted on a house she saw and couldn’t resist adding the rest of the face 

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Orchid or alien? Barbara Hensley, from the UK, shared a picture of one of her flowers which resembled an extraterrestrial life form 

A rather cheeky encounter! Beatrice Lehtilä, from Sweden, shared this humorous snap of her toilet roll holder

Feeling very attacked! Tammy Hainline, from an unknown location,  shared a picture of her candle holder looking terrified 

Hey friend! Denise Matassa Martin, from New York, shared a picture of the top of a car which looked like a friendly face 

Elliot! Sarah Panit-Thompson, from Oregon, shared a loaf of freshly baked bread which closely resembled the movie alien ET

Worried about something?  Ben Goddard, from an unknown location, shared a picture of a terrified looking buckle 

Commotion in the lotion! Christine Daneguldberg, from Los Angeles, shared a picture of a surprise guest in her face cream 

What are you doing here? Kristy Aiani, from California, shared a picture of the grimacing face she saw in her stapler 

Professor Sprout? Suzanne MB, from an unknown location, shared a picture of a small tree that looked exactly like a mandrake plant from the Harry Potter series 

Sid the door! Cheri Desmarais, from an unknown location, shared a picture of a wooden door she thought appeared to feature the portrait of Ice Age’s Sid the Sloth 

I scream! Tanya Groth, from Washington, posted a photograph of the lid of her ice cream tub which appeared to have a screaming face in it 

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