Paige Spiranac blasts hypocritical rival influencers who slammed her for 'oversexualising' then 'did exact same thing' | The Sun

PAIGE SPIRANAC has blasted hypocritical influencers who slammed her for “oversexualising” then “did the exact same thing” themselves.

The 30-year-old has risen to fame in recent years via her social media presence, having previously played golf professionally.

In the wake of Paige's success, she has been followed by the likes of Grace Charis, Waiyi Chan, Nicole Gerome and Lauren Pacheco in the golf influencer space.

She has previously thrown shade at her "copycat" golf influencer rivals.

Paige appeared on “Straight Fire with Jason McIntyre” to discuss whether there is a community of influencers or if the scene was more of a “mean girls” situation.

And she clearly has not forgotten the grief she got after quitting golf for her new career.


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She said: “I stick to myself. I’m very introverted. I just kind of keep my head down, do my work, and get done with it. But if any of the young girls reach out to me I am more than willing to give advice.

“I think I’m a little bit more guarded because of all of the hate that I have received from women in the industry, so I’m kind of hesitant to reach out or want to collaborate because I’ve been burned in the past, but if any of them reach out I’m always willing to lend a helping hand.”

Talking about the criticism she faced, Paige added: “When I first got into the industry and when I was trying to play professionally a lot of the LPGA players did not like me and were very outspoken towards that.

“And as well as a lot of influencers who came up behind me, they were saying that they didn’t want to take the path that I was taking, they weren’t going to ‘oversexualize’ themselves, and they turned around and do the exact same thing.

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“Sometimes there’s just not a level of respect for everything that I’ve been through.

“And if I didn’t do this then they wouldn’t even be doing this now.

“They wouldn’t even have a job without all the hardships that I’ve faced and the path I paved for them.”

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