OPVs £10 glitter eyeliners are trending on TikTok so we tried them out

If there's one product that has the ability to instantly take your makeup to the next level, it’s glitter eyeliner. Just a few swipes can transform the most basic eye look into a sparkle-filled masterpiece – and believe it or not, anyone can pull it off.

While the idea of a blinged-up wing might sound scary, by using an easy-to-apply liner with a super-fine glitter, you won’t have to worry about looking like a craft project. One such product that’s gained TikTok’s approval is OPV Beauty’s Metal & Glitter Liner, £10 here, with beauty fans on the app going wild for the smudge-proof, pigmented formula that’s available in 16 different colours, from molten metals to ethereal shimmers.

But how do they actually perform? OK!’s beauty assistant Emma tries out the silver shade…

Emma says:

Maybe it’s because I’m currently binge-watching Euphoria, or maybe I’m just bored of my day-to-day bronzed eye look, but sparkly, glittery makeup has been calling my name lately. From chunky pigments to creamy shimmers, there aren't many glitter products I haven’t tried over the years, but they usually only come out during the festive season – and if I’m honest, it’s not always worth the hassle, with most of it ending up falling down my face.

That’s why when I heard there was a new glitter eyeliner trending on TikTok that claims to be completely smudge-proof, I knew I had to give it a go myself. OPV Beauty’s Metal & Glitter Liner comes in a whole host of gorgeous colours, but as a rookie, I thought the subtle silver shade “03 Come Sunshine” would be the safest bet.

At first glance, I was concerned that the applicator brush wasn’t as slim as the standard liquid eyeliners I reach for, assuming this would leave me with a messy-looking wing – but I was surprised. The formula went on neatly and came out really pigmented with just one swipe. Another bonus was that if I messed up, it was easy to correct by wiping away with my finger. A short moment later, the liner became dry and completely smudge-proof!

Overall, I was super pleased with the finished look. I always thought that glitter was best kept for the festive season, but after trying out this clever liner, you’ll see me sporting sparkly eye makeup at the shops, at work – everywhere!

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