OkiOki is making serious waves in the affordable mattress market

Sleep is a quintessential part of wellness. While no one can argue the benefits of a great night’s sleep (including improved cognition and mood), it’s amazing how long you’ll endure tossing and turning for nights on end without addressing the real culprit: your mattress. There are plenty of mattress companies out there boasting new age materials and out of the box (literally) minimalism — but there are few that deliver on uncompromising quality quite the way OkiOki mattresses do.

In part, that’s because the founders of OkiOki boast 20+ years of furniture industry expertise — and after so many years bearing witness to the radical changes in the mattress industry, they began to recognize that not all of the marketed “innovation” promised by competitors was actually delivering. As OkiOki focused their efforts on engineering the highest quality product possible, they started to see that other companies were simply selling standard, base-level products that were being sold as “independently engineered technology.”

Instead of the idea that there’s a single mattress model that’s perfect for every customer, OkiOki operates off the concept that every type of body requires a different mattress for the perfect night’s sleep. The company spends time investing in high-quality manufacturing and dynamic body support systems that allow customers to match their sleep needs and preferences to different mattress types — without the excessive price tag of some of their competitors. As a comparison, Casper’s mattress costs $1,500 more than OkiOki’s mattresses (just $550 for a queen) — with fewer options.

OkiOki offers four different mattress models:

  • OkiSoft: This is a high-density, all memory foam model that cradles your body without generating sleep-depriving heat. Despite being the softest model, the memory foam core resists against sinking in too deeply, making it the ideal mattress choice for folks who are side sleepers or position shifters.
  • OkiEasy: The Goldilocks of mattresses, this hybrid model is soft without being too soft. This model features both layers of memory foam and individually wrapped pocket springs for buoyant, motion-isolating support for the contours of your body.
  • OkiFlex: Another hybrid model that includes high-density memory foam and pocket springs, this mattress veers towards the firmer side and is great for anyone dealing with back issues. It’s also the perfect pick for back and stomach sleepers. This model supports your spine with a 2” memory foam top layer and 2.5″ of two-part high-density PU Foam before you reach the pocket spring and 1″ base.
  • OkiFirm: The densest memory foam mattress OkiOki offers, this model assists with spine alignment and protects from unwanted contouring. This mattress features an impressive 10” of advanced graphite foam to help absorb pressure, giving anyone with back pain some much-needed relief for a great night’s sleep. It’s also a great mattress for back and stomach sleepers.

Not sure which model is the right one for you? Just take the Sleep Quiz available on their website, and answer a few short questions to help you assess which mattress is perfectly suited to your snoozing needs. Still concerned you might try it and hate it? Trying out an OkiOki mattress is completely risk-free — you can try out a mattress for 365 nights. And if something does go wrong along the way, there’s also a 10-year warranty on every mattress.

Shipping is free, and returns are simple — you can even use a payment plan option through Affirm if you’d like to schedule your payments over time. OkiOki also makes it easy to get everything you might need for your new bed directly on their website — like a box foundation or metal frame, or even a bed frame and nightstand.

You can currently get their mattresses for 10% off by visiting their website today.

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