New video game ‘eSports Boxing Club’ announced after EA reject Eddie Hearn’s calls for new Fight Night – The Sun

BOXING fans crying out for a new video game could be about to have their prayers answered by eSports Boxing Club.

The last fully-licensed console release for the sport came in 2011 with EA Sports' Fight Night Champion.

That game is still being played today, most recently for the eWBSS competition that pitched legends of the ring against each other in simulations – with Mike Tyson coming out on top.

But there is a yearning for an updated edition with fresh graphics and the latest names such as Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn has often discussed his plans to revive the Fight Night series through EA.

But the gaming monolith "doesn’t really seem interested in boxing", which led Hearn to vow he would go it alone.

Hearn told his Instagram followers: “Should I just do one myself? I have got a few other interesting projects coming around.

“Right I’m gonna release a new boxing game, f*** it let’s do it. We’ll start our own rival game to EA Sports Fight Night.”

However eSports Boxing Club may have beaten him to the punch with the release of a trailer for their debut release.

Officially licensed by the British Boxing Board of Control, the early in-game footage has given fans hopes of finally getting a new title to sink their teeth into.

Challenge for the prestigious Lord Lonsdale Belt and fight your way to becoming World Champion."

Confirmed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC at a release date to be announced, a host of famous names are already tied in with Sheffield-based developer Steel City Interactive.

They describe the game as: "A boxing simulation featuring a full career mode; challenge for the prestigious Lord Lonsdale Belt and fight your way to becoming World Champion."

Enlisted as potential playable characters are Frank Bruno and Ricky Hatton, with Paul Dempsey and Johnny Nelson as commentators.

Former British super welterweight champion Ryan Rhodes is working on the game as technical consultant and Tyson Fury's ex-trainer Ben Davison is also named in the trailer.

It features two boxers going toe-to-toe and landing some meaty punches with a lively audience depicted in another shot.

Fans online talked of their promise at seeing the trailer.

Twitter user Aaron wrote: "Can't wait! Hope the gameplay is as good as the graphics."

Lee added: "Still looks very early in dev, but the skin textures look great. Take your time and don't rush things. Massive fan base if you get this right."

One boxing fan commented: "Finally."

And Ashleigh wrote: "Looks good, I hope that the game has some depth for those of us who love a simulation and working up the rankings with the create a pro tool."

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