New Music Friday: The Hottest Songs and Albums of the Week

Happy New Music Friday! It’s every audiophile’s favorite day of the week, and some of our favorite artists from all different genres have blessed us with new tunes.

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma teamed up for a steamy pair of songs and an epic, nine-minute music video, Zayn celebrated becoming a dad with his first single of the year, and Lana Del Rey joined Matt Maeson on his ode to chemical-induced closure, “Hallucinogenics.”

Plus, Vin Diesel dropped his first single (?!), a danceworthy EDM track, and Carrie Underwood got fans in the holiday spirit early, with her first-ever Christmas album.

Read on for some of our favorite recommendations for new songs and albums to listen to this week — plus, where you can stream them now!

“Pa’ Ti – Lonely” – Jennifer Lopez & Maluma

Ahead of their feature film collaboration in next year’s Marry Me, J.Lo and Maluma teamed up for a steamy pair of songs, and an epic nine-minute music video — which features Lopez as a corrupt billionaire boss and Maluma as her driver-turned-lover.

The pair went live on YouTube following the songs’ release, to celebrate their new tracks and tease fans about the beginning of their epic collaboration to come.

“This is like the first time people are getting to see Kat and Bastian, our characters from Marry Me,” Lopez remarked. “It’s like the Marry Me era has started with these two songs.”

However, Maluma noted these tracks are only the “first dish” of the meal to come: “When you know the appetizer is good, just wait for the main course!”

Stream “Pa’ Ti – Lonely” now on Spotify or Amazon Music.

“Better” – ZAYN

Zayn Malik became a new dad last week, and kicked off a new era on Friday, releasing “Better,” the first single off of his forthcoming third solo album, which set to be “his most personal project to date.”

“Better” is an R&B-tinged track about letting go of a bad relationship before it gets totally toxic. “Why? Why wait to fight? / Give it a try / Or I’ll say goodbye while it’s right, he croons on the chorus. “Can we save tears in your eyes? / I’m making you cry / Why wait to hate, can we save love?”

Stream “Better” now on Spotify or Amazon Music. 

“Feel Like I Do” – Vin Diesel

The Fast & Furious star dropped his debut single on Friday, a heartfelt, danceworthy EDM track written and produced by Petey Martin and released on Kygo’s label, Palm Tree Records. 

“For so long, I have been promising to release music… encouraged by you, to step out of my comfort zone,” Diesel shared on Instagram ahead of the song’s release. “Thank you for believing in me. As always, I hope to make you proud.”

Stream “Feel Like I Do” now on Spotify or Amazon Music.

“Hallucinogenics” – Matt Maeson feat. Lana Del Rey

After performing the track in concert together, Lana Del Rey officially joined Matt Maeson on a new version of his single, “Hallucinogenics,” an ode to chemically-induced closure.

“Lana sent me a message on Instagram at random asking if I’d like to come play Hallucinogenics at one of her shows last year,” Maeson shared on Instagram. “I very eagerly agreed even tho I’m a super busy guy who does super busy things and it was a surreal experience to say the least. Then we asked her to hop on Hallucinogenics with me and she was into it and bang bang we got a duet! Thank you so much Lana.”

Stream “Hallucinogenics” now on Spotify or Amazon Music.

My Gift – Carrie Underwood

If, like many, you’re ready for 2020 to be over already, Carrie Underwood is bypassing Halloween and Thanksgiving entirely, kicking off the Christmas spirit early with her very first holiday album.

My Gift features two original songs by the country star, along with a collection of classics and a few special guest appearances. John Legend penned an original duet for the two, called “Hallelujah,” and Underwood’s oldest son, Isaiah, joins her for a rendition of the Christmas standby “Little Drummer Boy.”

Stream My Gift now on Spotify or Amazon Music.

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