NEIGHBORHOOD Enlists Matt McCormick's One Of Those Days for Americana-Drenched Capsule

NEIGHBORHOOD‘s infatuation with Westernwear is taking on a new dimension by working with LA-based artist Matt McCormick, known for his cowpoke-centric works and previous joint efforts with Dead & Company and Burton. For this capsule, McCormick incorporated disparate elements of The Old West, including references to Townes Van Zandt’s immortal High, Low and in Between.

Illustrative sketches and emotive lyrics dance across a series of NEIGHBORHOOD signatures, including a hooded parka, M65-style field jacket, suede trucker and sweatsuit. A short-sleeved shirt is emblazoned with an all-over photographic print showcasing a desert landscape, while washed denim shirts are graced by stark text reaffirming Van Zandt’s influence on McCormick’s work. Graphic pullovers and T-shirts feature photographic collages showcasing a variety of imagery indicative of Western Americana, like motel signs, cowboy-hatted silhouettes and lightning storms.

Along with the wearables, the duo have turned out a concise selection of accessories. Well-worn canvas bags sport damaged exteriors and faded leather atop the straps and base, lending a vintage feel. Finally, one of NEIGHBORHOOD’s signature incense chambers is also on hand, this time in the shape of a harmonica-playing cowboy, complete with “No Prettier Sight Than Looking Back” text.

NEIGHBORHOOD’s site has already launched the collaborative capsule, but keep up with One Of These Days’ Instagram page for a wider release.

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