My Quarantine Routine: Emma, isolating in Yorkshire and exercising with paint

Lockdown means finding new ways to do things at home.

Whether it’s setting up an office in your hallway or making your favourite restaurant dish at home, everyone is making use to what they have around the house.

Emma Nesham, 24, is a marketing executive from Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Now working from home, she’s created office space out of her dressing table and is using paint pots as kettle bells for her work out.

For My Quarantine Routine, Emma explains how she spent Monday April 20.

8 am

My alarm goes off, a whole hour later than it usually would as my commute has become significantly shorter.

I head downstairs to my new desk, which is actually my dressing table with all of the makeup stored elsewhere.

Right now, myself and my boyfriend are both working from home – he already had his desk set up in the kitchen so he’s happy in his usual spot and I’m just at the other side of the wall in the living room at my makeshift desk. It’s both a blessing and a curse that we have each other to chat to throughout the day.

However, I definitely have the better end of the deal as I get all of the morning Yorkshire sunshine streaming in through the front window.

9 am

Comfy clothes on it’s time for a Zoom call with the Purple Creative Studio team.

Our Monday morning meeting is a vital part of our week as we work together on our website projects and I work with our digital marketing apprentice Jess very closely, so it’s important we have this catch-up.

We went without it one week and it was quickly decided that we take our meeting online using Zoom for the videocall, and Asana to re-create our big project board we have in the office.

9:45 am

Time to work through some emails. Usually, I work a month in advance – creating social media posts and blog content ready for the following month. Right now that’s impossible so my routine has gone out of the window for the sake of ensuring what I’m creating for my clients is accurate and works for them.

I’ve also signed up to a few more webinars than I usually would for the next couple of weeks too, I’m using the time I would spend meeting clients face-to-face to progress my knowledge ready for when our office re-opens and meetings can start again.

11 am

A digital marketing training call done via Zoom. Over the last couple of years, we have been able to offer funded workshops and training for local businesses.

This is something we are continuing to do and finding it works really well using Zoom to chat and share screens. It does feel a little odd though as clients get to see what my living room looks like and the dog decides to pop up now and again.

12 pm

Lunchtime. Although, to be honest it is only since working from home that I’ve started eating breakfast (a bad habit I know) so I’m not hungry at lunchtime. Instead, I’ve been heading out into the garden to read, FaceTime my Mum and just generally enjoy some time away from my desk.

I’ve seen a lot of people enjoying lunch times in the garden with their other half, but since I’m working in such close proximity to mine, we seem to use this hour to do our own thing – I’m not sure what that says about us.

Some days I have been struck by madness and have been doing one of the many live workouts now taking place daily on Instagram.

We don’t have any weights though, so I’ve been using paint tins as Kettlebells and spanners or large bottles as weights. I’d really got into going to the gym pre-lockdown so I’m trying to keep it up, although it’s quite difficult when your gym is now the garage.

1 pm

Time to post on the Purple social media channels. Again, this is something we usually have planned in advance but as this situation is changing all the time, we’re trying to be sensitive to that and post something suited to what we’re doing or any changes which have affected us or our clients.

We want to be a friendly source of information and this is more important than ever right now. It’s usually at this point that my boyfriend decides to tell me something completely random and knocks me off my posting stride. He works in forklift sales and I think I’ll pretty much know the whole product range off by heart by the time lockdown is over.

1:30 pm

Time to write some content for a client website. I always block out time in my calendar for this as I like getting stuck into some keyword research and making sure what I write is effective when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.

I also write the social media content for this client, so it gives me a chance to really get to know what they offer so I can post accurate content on their socials.

3 pm

It’s usually around this time that my dog wants a bit of attention – she is taken for an early morning walk then snoozes most of the day away (last week she was snoring so loud all the team heard her on the Zoom call).

So, I take 10 minutes to grab a drink and play with the dog until she curls back up on the sofa and I head back to my desk. She doesn’t usually live with us due to working full time but pre-lockdown we decided to get her from my parents’ house to give them a break and keep ourselves sane.

4 pm

Throughout the day I’ve had a few emails drop in with new tasks, so I begin working on some of the smaller ones including creating a simple email in Mailchimp, updating a blog post on a website and creating a new Facebook cover image in Canva.

The rest are added to my to-do list for the following day. I love how varied my day is, it’s impossible to stick to a to-do list bit I find it’s still helpful to have one to instil a little structure into my day.

It’s usually around this time I get a call from one of the other girls on the team, we keep in touch via Google Hangouts a lot but it’s nice to actually speak to someone on the phone.

5:30 pm

That’s me done for the day, workwise at least. To be honest I’m always on the lookout for the latest digital news and it’s when I’m not working on client tasks that I have chance to do this. I can lose hours reading articles and listening to podcasts from industry experts.

However, first port of call once work is done is to take the dog out for a walk. We’re incredibly lucky to live on the outskirts of the Yorkshire Dales and we have a fab walking loop from our house which takes us past the ruins of an Abbey and along the banks of the River Swale.

It’s just over three miles and leaves us with just enough time to get a nice tea together (although admittedly this sometimes ends up as a jacket potato) I’ve often been tempted to move away from Richmond, but right now I’m feeling more grateful to have stayed here than ever.

One thing I always cursed myself for, prior to working from home, was that I NEVER met my step count as I’d come home from work after a day at my desk and head to the gym or flop onto the sofa. Now, 5:30 comes and I’m looking forward to my walk which has me averaging over 11,000 steps – what was my excuse before all this?

7 pm

Back from our walk, dinner all sorted and it’s time to sit down and watch some Netflix. As with social media, we have been limiting how much TV we watch – purely because we have no idea how long this lockdown could go on for, so we don’t want to run out of things to watch.

We’ve decided to watch The Nest so that’s what is on the agenda this evening before my boyfriend undoubtedly falls asleep on the sofa alongside the dog.

10 pm

Bedtime and for me and I’m straight onto my iPad to do some reading. I’d rather have a physical book, but I’ve signed up to my local library and they have thousands of e-books available for free.

I always loved to read and have found it’s really helped me to stay calm during lockdown, rather than scrolling down social media and getting consumed in news articles.

Right now, I’m reading ‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama and I have some other fab books on my list that I hope will not only keep my brain busy but help me learn something new as well.

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