Mum shares great video on how to make your own medical face mask

In recent weeks there has been a global shortage of face masks owing to the high demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, although not a perfect solution, people can help by making their own.

One homeschooling mum has come up with a great instructional video on how to make a much-coveted face mask.

American Erica Ardnt has a craft-centric YouTube account with close to 191,000 subscribers and she has gone viral with her easy to follow video which already has over eight million views.

Speaking to the camera, Erica says: “I want to point out before we start the tutorial that these are not a substitution for the N95 masks that people are talking about right now.

"However, from what I understand they are being used by nurses and doctors in other areas of the hospital to keep them safe."

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She continued: “You can also use them on a patient if you have someone that is sick at home with the flu or a cold to keep them coughing out little droplets all over the place.

"I have even heard of a couple of areas that are asking people to hand make these and donate them to the hospitals because they are running so low on masks.”

To make the mask, it takes five minutes, and you need two pieces of cotton fabric 6" by 9" in size, one piece of cotton flannel or interfacing of the same size and two elastic strips 1/8” in width and 6” in length for women, 7” for men and 5” for children.

It is important to use tightly woven fabric, so liquid cannot go in or out. You will also need pins, scissors and a sewing machine, Additionally, Erica uses a rotary trimmer to help cut a straight line better.

After putting the outside fabric layer on top of the middle layer, you then pin down the elastic pieces. She then places it about half an inch from the top of the fabric.

Then, after she has pinned all the sides Erica places the third layer on top of the clips She then moved the clips so that they are on top of the third layer, leaving the elastic on top of the second layer.

Next, she sews the mask on all four edges, leaving a hole in the middle of the areas between the clips. Erica also advices stitching the elastic down multiple time so it is not in danger of falling apart.

You can then turn the mask inside out once the fours sides are sewn together and it will be complete. Trimming the corners will make it easy to turn inside out.

Erica then folds down the mask into three sections to make the pleats and then uses the clips to keep the pleats in place as she sews down the edges to secure them. The mask is then finished, remove the clips and you're good to go…

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