Mum reveals why she ALWAYS hates going on holiday – but people are divided | The Sun

A MUM has divided opinion after she revealed that she hates going on holiday.

Although most of us appreciate the chance to rest and relax, while also experiencing another place, it's not everyone's cup of tea.

One of those people explained why they hate holidays in a post on Mumsnet.

She explained that they find the whole process of going on holiday stressful and that anything more than a weekend away in the UK is enough to make them feel unsafe.

The mum wrote: "Does anyone else feel this way, I'm wondering if there's something wrong with me.

"Even before having children, and as a child I never enjoyed going away on holidays as I don't like being away from home in unfamiliar surroundings for long periods of time.

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"A weekend anywhere in the UK is brilliant, no problem with that.

"I feel unsettled and anxious when not on familiar territory though – silly things like wanting to know where the nearest doctors are etc and just a general feeling of being less safe as I don't have access to everything I normally have.

"Packing is extremely stressful as I try to account for every eventuality and I feel claustrophobic on planes – have felt this was since being a child.

"We are going abroad with our children as I want them to have these experiences and I know there will be parts of the holiday I enjoy, however at the same time I'll be privately counting down the days until I get home.

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"Does anyone else feel like this?"

The mum received little sympathy from other users in the comments, with other saying her reaction seemed a little over the top.

One wrote: "I have been on multiple holidays abroad and it has never occurred to think about where a doctor might be – that seems to be a very extreme reaction.

"The whole point of a holiday is to go somewhere different & unfamiliar – that's what makes it interesting and exciting."

Another said: "I don't find it stressful. I find everything about holidays exciting and interesting and I travel a lot."

However there were those who agreed that going away could be stressful.

One said: "I find going on a foreign holiday a massive palava.

"I hate the packing, waking up at 3am to get to the airport, the nerves beforehand, the actual flight, getting from the airport to the accommodation on the other side, and being kicked out of your accommodation at 10am."

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