Mum reveals how to make your own crease release spray to cut down ironing

Ironing quickly builds up and can be a bit of a chore.

But one mum has revealed how she manages to reduce creases in her clothes so she can get away with just hanging some things up as soon as they’re dry.

Chantel Mila, who posts as @mama_mila_ on TikTok, uses just three ingredients to make the product – water, hair conditioner and vinegar.

She adds two cups of water to a spray bottle, then one tablespoon of white vinegar and one tablespoon of hair condition.

She says the vinegar helps to soften clothes and describes the conditioner as the ‘secret ingredient that helps to relax cotton fibres’.

Chantel then gives the bottle a good shake to mix everything together, then sprays it onto a creased shirt, gently flattens it and then hangs for five minutes to dry.

Posting a clip of what it looks after, she shows off how it looks like it’s been freshly ironed.

Love a no-iron hack – and this one smells amazing ? #lifehack #homehack #wardrobetips #cleanwithme

Chantel added the caption: ‘Love a no-iron hack – and this one smells amazing.’

Some commenters were worried about their clothes smelling of vinegar but the Australian mum promised that the scent fades quickly and you’re left with just a hint of conditioner.

She added: ‘It’s a game changer. We use it nearly every day now.’

Others were impressed and said they were keen to give it a go.

One posted: ‘Okay I am going to HAVE to try this! I struggle when it comes to ironing.’

Another added: ‘I don’t own an iron and just bought my first shirt in decades. I was worried I’d have to buy an iron but you just saved the day.’

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