Mum left red-faced after teacher bans sons reading book full of swear words

A mum was left totally embarrassed when a teacher banned the book she thought was innocent for her 12-year-old boy.

The woman said her son needed a reading book for school so she picked up a copy of Love, Simon by Becky Albertalli.

But little did she know that her choice of book, which she bought while on a supermarket trip, was a little bit too inappropriate.

Writing on Facebook, she said: "Boys told me they needed a reading book for school, so I saw some while I was in Aldi last week.

"Threw them in trolley, thought nothing about it!"

Things got awkward when her son took the book to school and then came back home saying he wasn't allowed it anymore.

He also told his mum that it was "full of swear words".


The mum continued: "He said the teacher was going to write in my planner to tell you off mum. I'm mortified.


She added that her son, who has autism, had circled the swear words in the book and shown them to the teacher.

The parent joked: "Think he wanted me to get in trouble instead of him."

Fortunately when she shared it on Facebook, other parents saw the funny side of the situation.

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One wrote: "I work in a secondary school, I couldn't care less if a kid is reading a book with swearing if they're enjoying the book!"

A user said: "If they're old enough for suicide & murder (Romeo & Juliet), racism (Huckleberry Finn) they're old enough for swearing."

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