Mum blasted for editing curves onto snap of eight-year-old daughter

A mother was slammed for allegedly editing a picture of her daughter – as she's only eight-years-old.

The image shared online was taken by a proud mum on the day her children were set to return to school following the summer break.

It was later posted to a Reddit group called insaneparents, where infuriated people who insist it's been Photoshopped.

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Kidspot has reported the post – which was left anonymous to ensure the family couldn't be identified – showed three children lined up and posing for a classic cheery back-to-school photograph.

The mum shared it alongside the caption: “First day of 1st, 4th and 6th grade! How?!”

But, when it was shared on the Reddit platform, the caption was altered to make much more brutal reading.

It read: “This woman constantly photoshops her daughter’s body to look like this. She’s E I G H T.”

When you look at the little girl one of her arms appears to look wavy, which suggests the snap has been altered in some way.

It has also been suggested that the girl's growth appears quite advanced for a girl of her age.

According to reports, a lot of the mum's Facebook friends have previously criticised her for editing the snaps she shares with friends, even though she denies making any tweaks.

It's been claimed she “adamantly denies” editing anything in the back-to-school picture, and insists that her daughter “just looks like that".

But people don't believe her claims, as they insist the mum usually just deletes the critical comments.

They added: “I’ve messaged the [moderators] here… offering a direct link proving the legitimacy of this post.

"I am NOT willing to post that publicly so please don’t ask.”

Since then the post has been locked by moderators, which means no more comments can be left underneath the snap.

Before this happened more than 2,000 people left comments who claimed aspects of the image simply didn't seem natural.

“Damn… That’s creepy,” one wrote. Also her left arm looks too wavy and I can’t ignore it.”

Another said: “I think there may be more to this than just a mother sexualising her eight-year-old.”

A third added: "That poor girl is going to suffer serious childhood trauma, and have mental and body issues as an adult."

Meanwhile, others appeared confused by what the mum was gaining from the alleged editing process.

One asked: “What does she hope to gain?”

And another replied: “I really have no idea. But she’s buying her daughter a one-way ticket to an eating disorder.”


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