Multiply any number by 11 and get it right in seconds using 11s trick

Does your mind get boggled by multiplication?

Try this trick next time you’re thinking of reaching for your calculator.

Boffins on TikTok have come up with a simple way to solve maths questions without your head hurting.

A handy video outlines a trick to work out the answer to any number multiplied by 11 – and it’s aptly called the “11s trick”.

In a video posted by TikToker @silentmath, a woman (@zhcyt) was asked to solve the maths problem 11 x 32 as quickly as possible.

While this would leave most of us struggling to do quick multiplication, she produced the answer 352 at lightning speed.

And according to @silentmath, this is because she used the 11s trick.

The maths hack sees you separate the digits of the number you are multiplying by 11, so in this case, three and two.

You then add these numbers together, which is five (3+2=5).

This figure goes in the middle to give you the answer of 352.

The video went viral, being watched millions of times and garnering over 3.5million likes.

Thousands of people also took the time to leave a comment – with many surprised they didn’t know the multiplication hack sooner.

One said: "Bruh I didn't even know there was an 11s trick."

Someone else wrote: "Damn it works."

A third replied: "Wait, so if I said 11 times 35 = 385."

A fourth wrote: "Teachers could have just taught us this.”

And another commenter added: "Where were you when I failed math?!"

Some thought they'd caught the user out, claiming the trick wouldn't work for certain numbers – but they were proved wrong.

"What about 11 x 46, try that with this trick," they posted.

"I did it, it worked and I got 506," was the response.

A second explained how you would solve this when the two numbers equal 10.

"Four plus six equals 10. Same happens with 11×73, seven plus three equals ten.

“You would just go to the next hundred, plus the last digit," they shared.

So that’s settled then – we think we’ve found our new party trick…

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