Mother, 55, helps daughter 'put nozzle in' for her colonic irrigation

Overbearing mother, 55, helps her daughter, 19, insert the tube ahead of her first colonic irrigation as the pair get treatments together in sMothered

  • Inseparable duo Mary, 55, and her daughter Brittani, 19, get colonics together
  • Mother, from Jessen Beach, Florida, encourages her daughter to get treatment
  • She even helps Brittani inset the tube into her behind in TLC’s sMothered

An overly-familiar mother helped her daughter ‘put the nozzle in her behind’ for her first colonic irrigation as the pair got treatments together in sMothered.

Tonight’s episode of the TLC show – which chronicles the lives of six mother-daughter duos who share an unusually close bond – focuses on 55-year-old Mary and her daughter Brittani, 19, who admit they shower together as a way of feeling close to one another. 

But the inseparable pair, from Jessen Beach, Florida, take their relationship to the next level when they hold hands during each other’s joint colonoscopy session.  

Mother Mary, 55, helps her daughter Brittani, 19, administer the tube for her first colonic irrigation in tonight’s episode of SMothered

Mary initially suggests the treatment to her daughter Brittani, a recent graduate from the local correctional academy. Pictured, together

Brittani, a recent graduate from the local correctional academy, and her mother, decide to get the procedure done after the 19-year-old admits she feels insecure about her body.  

She explains that at high school, she struggled with her weight and by the age of 18, before having a gastric sleeve, she tipped the scales at 240 pounds.

‘During my childhood it was very hard because I always had weight issues,’ she says. ‘During middle school I was, like, 160lbs. I couldn’t control it; I kept gaining and gaining weight.’ 

Despite the results of the surgery, the teenager’ reveals her insecurities still linger.

‘Sometimes when I look at the mirror or when I put on clothes I still feel like I’m 245lbs,’ she says.

So, in a bid to help Brittani feel less bloated, the mother and daughter duo opt to go together and get colonics. 

The inseparable duo decide to get colonics after Brittani admits she’s feeling self-conscious about wearing a dress to a party

The mother and daughter duo hold each other’s hands during the treatments (pictured)

Mary explains to her daughter what the treatment does and how it will transform her body (pictured, together)

Mary, who had the procedure done in the past, reassures Brittani that there’s nothing to be nervous about.

‘They can stick two tubes up my a**, I don’t care!’ she explains.

Once at the spa, the owner shows them how to self-administer the lubricated nozzle and Mary quickly jumps into the hot seat to show her daughter how it is done. 

As the pressure starts building, Mary grabs her daughter’s hand, much to owner’s bewilderment.

‘Mary and Brittani are the first mother and daughter that I have seen holding hands while they were getting colonics,’ she says.  

With the pressure continuing to build in Mary’s system, she starts moaning in pain. 

Unable to release the pressure, she calls in the owner who switches off the machine and after a few minutes, the colonic has the desired effect and her system begins to flush out.

But Brittani is not as much of a natural and her mother takes a less than orthodox, hands-on approach and helps her daughter administer the tube.

Brittani (pictured) had a gastic sleeve operation when she was 18 when she weighed 240lbs and lost lots of weight but admits she still lacks confidence 

Brittani’s mother steps up to the table first to show Brittani how it’s done and tells  her: ‘They can stick two tubes up my a**, I don’t care!’

‘I have to get this in, I want you to lift your hiney and I’ll go underneath,’ she says, as she tries to manoeuvre her daughter’s sitting position.  

‘I would never be able to do a colon cleanse without my mum by my side,’ explains Brittani, ‘Luckily my mum is there to hep me put the nozzle in my behind.’ 

Throughout the procedure, Mary continues to egg her daughter on, coaching her through her first colonic. 

‘If you feel it, the pressure, I want you to bear down just like you’re having a bowel movement,’ she says, holding her daughter’s hand. 

Upping the ante, Mary then starts to gently push down on Brittani’s tummy, encouraging her to release the pressure. 

Once the procedure is finished, Mary helps Brittani up and exclaims: ‘I was so glad we could do this together.

The brand new series of sMothered airs at 9pm tonight exclusively on TLC

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