Most valuable Pokemon cards worth up to £105,000 – do you have one worth a small fortune?

POPULAR 90s card trading game Pokemon has enjoyed a lockdown resurgence as it approaches its 25th anniversary and enthusiasts could be sitting on a deck worth thousands of pounds.

Before the days of smartphones and video games, children of the 90s spent their time in the playgrounds swapping and battling against each other with Pokemon cards.

Pokemon was launched as a Gameboy game on February 26 1996 and trading cards followed in the same year.

Gamers take the role of a Pokemon trainer and use their characters to battle against eachother.

A pack of cards costs around £4 and typically comes with five characters that have a range of strengths you can use to battle against others similar to Top Trumps.

As well as a fun game, Pokemon cards have also become a collector's item.

Enthusiasts can send their cards to be graded, valued and sealed by an organisation in America called The Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

It will give cards a rating out of 10, with the highest being the most valuable.

Richard Winterton Auctioneers is putting 1,000 assorted Pokémon cards from various PSA-graded sets under the hammer on March 8.

The whole collection is expected to sell for £100,000.

Richard Page, owner of NeoCards and Collectibles, said enthusiasts have returned to or started their Pokemon hobby during lockdown, which has driven demand and pushed up the price of cards.

He told The Sun: “The most valuable cards are those that are older, most rare and in the best condition.

“We have seen increased demand and it is hard to keep up especially as the pandemic and Brexit have restricted supplies. This also pushes up prices.”

Demand has also been generated by YouTube influencers such as Logan Paul who regularly hosts videos of himself opening new packs of Pokemon cards and auctions some off.

Auction site eBay said it saw a 206% increase in collectable card game sales last year.

Here are the most valuable Pokemon cards to lookout for in your collection.

1998 Pikachu illustrator – £1,000

This card features the recognisable Pokemon character Pikachu.

Only a handful were ever made.

They were a prize given to winners of a competition in Japan to illustrate a Pokemon card.

Collectors such as Page said they are worth around £2 million and there is one listed on eBay for £2.1 million.

That is just the listing price though and one sold in the UK last month on eBay for £999.99.

It is important to lookout for fakes.

YouTube influencer Logan Paul revealed last year that a Pikachu Illustrator card he owned that was believed to be worth $2 million was actually a fake.

Page said buyers should check colours and verify cards with other collectors or valuers.

1999 Shadowless Charizard Holo – £105,000 ($150,000)

The second print run of Charizards is still sought after as it is the last set before the imagery contained a shadow in the artwork.

There were only 54 made in the world.

YouTuber Logan Paul purchased one for $150,000 last year.

1999 First-edition Shadowless Charizard Holo – £46,000

First-editions are often the most valuable in any collection as they are typically more rare.

One of the early Pokemon cards was the Shadowless Charizard, which featured a shiny holographic.

It was the fourth character and one of the most recognisable and powerful.

There were 121 of these cards made and one grade 10 version from 1999 sold on eBay for $350,100 by Pwcc Auctions in December in the US.

Lower grade cards have sold for large amounts in the UK, with a PSA 9 version selling for £46,000 last month on eBay.

1999 1st Edition Raichu Holo card – £25,000

Released in 1999, Raichu is another of the early Pokemon characters and is stronger than Pikachu, which makes it valuable for collectors.

One PSA 10 first-edition card sold on eBay for £25,000 last month.

1999 1ST Edition Fossil Set Dragonite Holo card – £3,000 to £5,000

This is one of the most expensive lots in the Richard Winterton Auctioneers auction and is excepted to fetch between £3,000 to £5,000 due to its mint 10 rating from the PSA.

Unveiled in 1999, the auction house said a high PSA rating boosts a card's value, especially for keen American buyers.

2020 Shining Fates Charizard VMAX – £350($500)

A new range of Shining Fates Pokeman cards was released last week and features a purple Charizard for the first time.

It is usually yellow.

The packs cost £3.99 but one Shiny Charizard Vmax has already sold on eBay for $500 in the US and there is a UK listing for £1,199.99.

If you were never into collection Pokemon cards, chances are some of your other toys could also be worth a tidy sum.

My Little Pony, Barbie and Game Boy toys have previously sold for up to £1,200 on eBay.

Your childhood Toy Story memorabilia could also be worth up to £680 on the auction site.

Meanwhile, you could sell your vintage troll dolls for up to £200.


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