Mike Perry warns UFC boss Dana White 'it's not looking good' for $2m Ben Askren bet after training with Jake Paul

UFC bad boy Mike Perry has warned Dana White he could end up losing his million-dollar bet on Ben Askren to beat Jake Paul.

Earlier this month, the UFC chief backed the retired mixed martial artist to win his upcoming boxing match with the YouTuber.

A confident White told Mike Tyson and Zab Judah he'd happily bet $1,000,000 on Askren having his hand raised, an outcome Perry believes is unlikely after training with the younger Paul brother.

The UFC welterweight tweeted: “Idk Dana White, I just got some work with Jake Paul and it’s not looking good for Ben Askren …. #IronSharpensIron."

White believes Askren's vast experience in combat sports will guide him to victory against the 2-0 Paul.

He said: "Let's be honest. Jake Paul is not a f***ing boxer. This guy's a f***ing YouTube kid.

"Zab, no bulls***t So you're saying he can fight? So the kid he's going to fight, Askren, he's a wrestler.

"A real good, decorated wrestler. But he's actually fought real guys.


"He's been a world champion in other organisations than MMA.

"I'll bet a million dollars he (Paul) loses this f***ing fight."


White's confidence in Askren quickly came to the attention of Paul, who immediately upped the ante.

The former Disney actor said: "Dana let's double the bet up! $2 Million.

"We wire the money into escrow. $4 million total. Winner takes all."

Paul, 24, recently predicted a first-round KO of Askren, who has no professional boxing experience to his name.

Alongside a recent video of him pulling a fire engine, Paul wrote: "I’m literally a tow truck.

"Ben Askren eatin' Oreos right now. April 17th. 1 round knockout."

And the social media star reckons his latest opponent won't lay a glove on him.

He told ESPN: "Go Google Ben Askren's striking.

"Hahaha. It's not going to go that long, it's not going to go that long.

"I don't even think he'll hit me. I haven't been hit one time in the face in my past two fights.

"So I haven't even been punched as pro boxer one time. Nate Robinson landed one body shot in a clinch.

"I don't think Ben Askren will even hit me. That's my prediction."

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