Mercury in Taurus is Helping You Get Sh*t Done

After a heated Aries Season, the astro-weather is finally cooling down. Taurus Season has arrived, helping you get into a more lowkey state of mind, and on Monday, April 27, Mercury, planet of communication, flies out of hotheaded Aries and joins the Sun in calm, cool, collected Taurus. The earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are vibing the best with Mercury now, while fixed signs Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are looking at a busy few weeks.

Mercury is the brainiest planet in the sky—it governs communication, learning, and your intellectual side, so the way that you think and speak to others is influenced by which sign it’s currently in. When Mercury was in fiery, trailblazing Aries, you were feeling bold, creative, and motivated, and probs getting just a little bit (or a lotta bit) argumentative when you didn’t get your way. It was a great time to find that spark of inspiration and start new projects or relationships, but as much as Aries loves initiating newness, it’s also rather notorious for lacking follow-through. Now that Mercury is in Taurus, a grounded earth sign, you’re able to let go all of all the new things you started that you’re not too interested in anymore, while taking a handful of those bright ideas and actually doing something with them.

This can be an especially lucrative transit, because earth signs like Taurus tend to be very business-savvy. You can now hone in on any new jobs or big projects you started while Mercury was in Aries and center your focus on getting sh*t done. Taurus is one of the most (if not the most) productive signs, so whether you’re trying to complete a presentation for work, a project for school, or just make progress on a hobby, this astro-weather is 100% enabling you to do the thing, and (more importantly) do it well.

When it comes to connecting with others, you’re having more cut-and-dried, simple exchanges. Unlike Mercury in Aries, Mercury in Taurus is not one for adding drama and flair to your conversations—all you want is to say your piece, and that’s it. You’re less prone to overthinking things and you’re also less distracted. You simply can’t be bothered to deal with anything that isn’t relevant to whatever you’re working on.

There are a couple of downsides to watch out for, though. First, Taurus has a well-earned reputation for being, well, insufferably stubborn––no shade, Taurus, but it’s kind of true! Any difference of opinion or tiny disagreements could become a huge battle of wills, no matter how insignificant the issue is, and don’t even try getting someone to change their mind. It’s also super easy to get a baaad case of tunnel vision, where you’re only able to focus on one concept/idea/relationship and nothing else. If there’s any one thing to remember with all of these Taurean vibes in the stars right now, it’s to be flexible and open up to the fact that sometimes your opinions and others’ aren’t always perfectly in alignment—which is totally okay!

NGL, Mercury in Taurus is not a super exciting transit, because its main priority is helping you to think more practically, stay focused, and be more productive. That being said, you can get a ton done right now, so now’s the perfect time to mark off everything on your to-do list and reorganize your life. Even the downsides of this transit can be used to your advantage by being responsible, focusing on your work, and not letting the chaos of the world around you prevent you from getting sh*t done; It’s time to get down to business, and Mercury in Taurus is going to help you slay every step of the way.

Read your Sun/Rising horoscopes below:


Here’s the tea: 1) Money matters are becoming a much bigger focus now, and 2) your self-worth is being called into question. It’s easy to feel down about not getting enough done, but if you can be as productive as possible, you’ll finish this transit out with some extra cash. Bonus: You’ll feeling way better about yourself because of how much you’ve accomplished!


HBD, Taurus! Now that Mercury is hanging out in your sign, the astro-vibes are totally in sync with you, and you’re feeling pretty GD good. You’re thinking more clearly, communicating more efficiently, and getting tons of sh*t done in the meantime, making this year’s Taurus Season feel pretty great! The next few weeks find you speaking your mind, feeling more confident, and staying on top of all your work without a problem. Nice!


You’re a mutable air sign, and Taurus is a fixed earth sign–you have nothing in common–so the next few weeks of Mercury in Taurus are making you feel like you’re basically sleepwalking. Speaking up is more difficult, turning your thoughts into words is a struggle, and when you can find the words to say, you’re feeling like no one is even paying attention. These next few weeks mark a major period of working on yourself, and the isolation you’re feeling can be turned into a positive if you’re able to focus on you. Bad habits in how you communicate and think (like overthinking sh*t or speaking impulsively) are being highlighted so that you can find a solution. This is ultimately a great time for developing a better understanding of yourself and practicing tons of self-care.


You’re having a pretty good time thanks to Mercury in Taurus’ vibes! Your friendships are being highlighted, which means your group chat is poppin’, you’re always texting/calling/FaceTiming people, and your squad making you feel tons of love. Organize a Zoom happy hour or a little get together with your crew–the stars are begging you to have a little fun right now!


While Mercury in Taurus is making every sign feel more productive, your sign is particularly focused on work right now, Leo. You’re considering your career, public image, and life path right now. You’re communicating way more with your boss, getting tons of important emails/texts/letters/phone calls, and you might even see a job offer or start a new side gig. You’re in the spotlight right now, so do your best to shine bright and slay on the job, because if you play your cards right, a serious promotion or raise can come your way.


Mercury (your sign’s fav planet) in like-minded earth sign Taurus means you’re vibing beautifully with the present astro-weather, Virgo! Mercury’s top priority is helping you broaden your horizons right now. If you’re a student, this is a great transit, but even if you haven’t been in a classroom in 5ever, there’s still a ton to learn. Whether it’s through studying, reading a good book, or watching every Netflix doc you can manage, you can count on mentally expanding yourself and becoming a more well-rounded person.


Mercury in Taurus is helping your sign become very focused on deep, heavy subject matter, as well as your tightest, most intimate relationships. This is a wonderful time to dive deep into any sort of paranormal, metaphysical, or psychological concepts (like astrology!), and it’s also a great time to get to know your S.O. on a more profound level. You’re forming tremendously deep connections with other people now, your sense of intuition is stronger than ever, and you may experience a downright transformative conversation with someone where you tackle very heavy topics, share deep dark secrets, and feel a strong sense of being entangled with them as a result.


As Mercury transits your opposite sign, you’re being called to turn your attention towards your relationships. Any one-on-one relationship where you’re on “equal footing” as the other person–aka your relationship with your bestie, your boo, your business partners, or someone you’re beefing with—are the prime focus of this transit. Important conversations with these sorts of people are happening now, so it’s a great time to upgrade a situationship into something more serious, get to know your friend on a better level, negotiate any kind of contracts, or squish any drama you have with someone else.


You’re working all the time rn, thanks to Taurus season’s vibes, and Mercury in Taurus is doubling down on that theme and helping you make your life as productive as possible. You’re taking on more responsibilities at work, your list of chores seems to be never-ending, and there’s rarely a moment where you’re just able to just do you. Yes, it’s dreadful, yes, it’s hard, yes, it’s the least fun transit ever, but listen, Sagittarius. Now is your prime opportunity to try to make your life as organized as possible, so that when more fun, exciting transits come your way in the future, you can enjoy them!


Even though Mercury in Taurus is all about work, work, work, you’re actually having a thrilling time with this transit! Taurus season and Mercury in Taurus’ vibes are activating your chart’s fifth house, the house of good fortune, which governs romance, sex, creativity, and fun! Your love life is thriving, you’re feeling more inspired, and your motivation levels are at an all-time high. Basically, you’re glowing!


Life slows waaay down when there’s any cosmic action happening in Taurus, especially for your sign, Aquarius. Your main priority is your home life and your family. It’s a good time to call up your folks and check in on them, get to know your roommates better, or just redecorate your space (Taurus is the sign with the greatest eye for aesthetics, y’know)! It’s a very slow-and-steady vibe, but taking the time to reinforce these connections will only help you thrive even more in the future.


The saying “slow and steady wins the race” is like, the Taurus mantra, but you’re finding that life is actually picking up the pace while Mercury is in Taurus! You’re sending and receiving way more emails, texts, phone calls, etc. right now, and having majorly important conversations, too. Expect new professional opportunities, invitations to different hangouts and get togethers, and tons of DMs on your fav apps to start heading your way soon!

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