McDonald's gives away Happy Meal box template so you can make your own

Missing McDonald’s? Some people have been recreating the fast food at home and now the chain wants to help you out.

All McDonald’s restaurants closed last month, just before the lockdown was introduced.

Now, they’ve published a template for a Happy Meal box so you can serve up your homemade treats for the kids at home.

Cutting around the template gives you the perfect shape to fold together and create the famous box at home.

They suggest using a traditional red card with the yellow logo but of course, you can decorate it however you want.

The box is available on the chain’s new family entertainment hub and there’s also lots of activity suggestions for kids.

There’s games, books and some fun challenges to give them something to do throughout lockdown.

Some parents have already had the idea of making your own meal for your kids who might be struggling with lockdown.

Megan Paley, from Leeds, created a DIY McDonald’s takeaway, consisting of french fries, chicken nuggets, burgers and ketchup, all to cheer her little ones up.

Donna Ganson also recreated Happy Meals for her sons who are on the autistic spectrum and part of their routine is going for McDonald’s once a week.

She managed to get some donated toys and boxes for her boys to really make the experience realistic.

And if you need some recipes for McDonald’s favourites, they’ve released a guide to making breakfast muffins, while fans have been creating McFlurries and frappes at home.

You can download and print the Happy Meal box here.

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