McDonald's Brings New York to Japan With Square "I Went to NY" Series

McDonald’s Japan is bringing the Big Apple to the East with a new “I went to NY Burgers” series.

These new square burgers arrive as the “Thick Beef Burger Pepper & Cheese” and “Grilled Chicken Burger Salt & Lemon.” The beef burger features a 100-percent beef patty, bacon, smoky cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion, and steak sauce. The chicken variant sees chicken thigh with onion, bacon, cheddar, and a salted lemon sauce with roasted garlic. This NY Burger series comes packaged in a special comic book wrapper and box.

Each burger is priced at roughly ¥450 JPY (approximately $4 USD) and will be released by McDonald’s Japan on February 9 until mid-March.

In other fast-food news, McDonald’s brings back its Blueberry and Crème Pie from 2017.
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