‘Married at First Sight’ Season 10 reunion: Cheating, arrests and lies

It’s been five months since the couples on Season 10 of “Married at First Sight” decided to stay together or get a divorce. But since the cameras stopped filming, their lives and marriages continued to unravel.

Last week’s finale saw two of the couples — Katie and Derek and Jessica and Austin — choosing to stay together, and three others — Meka and Michael, Taylor and Brandon and Mindy and Zach — calling it quits.

Kevin Frazier hosted a reunion of the Washington, DC, season Wednesday night which revealed many shocking insights, including cheating, arrests, lies and inter-cast relationships.

Here are the eight biggest bombshells.

1. Katie cheated on Derek

Two weeks after they decided to stay together, Katie Conrad asked Derek Sherman if they could focus on their friendship instead of their romantic life. Shortly after, they began sleeping in separate bedrooms. It was then that Katie revealed she slept with her ex the week before — yes, the one who reached out to her the night before her wedding.

“Katie made it really easy not to fall in love with her,” said Derek. He claims several people, including an unnamed cast member, revealed to him that Katie slept with her ex once they returned from the honeymoon, which she denies. 

They’ve since divorced.

2. Brandon and Taylor filed restraining orders against each other

Both Brandon Reid and Taylor Dunklin were arrested after having an altercation at a bar. Brandon, who did not appear in the reunion special, filed a police report that Taylor and another man went to a bar that he often goes to. She allegedly pushed Brandon and then called the police to say that he attacked her.

Taylor says that she went to the bar not realizing Brandon still went there. She saw him and immediately left. He then followed her, taking photos and taunting her.

Brandon and Taylor were arrested and spent the night in jail. They both filed protective orders against each other, which means they cannot come within a certain distance of each other, go to each other’s homes or speak to each other through a third party.

He got a restraining order on me three days after I got one. He can’t be close to me, which is what I want. And I don’t plan on going near him,” said Taylor.

3. Meka, Michael, Katie and Mindy attended Brandon and Taylor’s court case

Mindy Shieben said the situation between Brandon and Taylor caused her anxiety. While Meka Jones, Katie and Mindy feel that Taylor was in the right to request distance from her former spouse, Michael Watson, a close friend of Brandon’s, thought otherwise.

“I think there’s blame on both sides,” he told Frazier, before storming out of the room while being questioned for defending his friend. “According to the evidence I heard in court, there was an altercation at the bar that I don’t think Brandon initiated,” he said. 

4. The wives got matching tattoos

Each of the five ladies got the word “ten” written in cursive on one of their fingers — even Jessica. They wanted to mark the special friendships with each other that were sparked from this experience, even though most of their marriages failed.

5. Mindy’s best friend was trying to date Zach

Mindy was heartbroken to learn that her best friend Lindsay had been speaking to Zach Justice behind her back for most of their short-lived marriage.

Shanny, a close friend of Mindy and Lindsay, appeared on the reunion special. “I have proof that [Lindsay] truly believed that he was going to visit her and that he was into her and that she believed she was a better match for him [than Mindy was],” said Shanny. Zach, of course, denied there was a romantic connection between them.

Mindy is still heartbroken over the loss of her friend but is open to reconciling in the future, for the sake of their friend group. “I knew Zach for a few weeks. I knew Lindsay for several years,” she said. Shanny said she will never speak to Lindsay again.

6. Zach and Katie went on a date

Katie says that Zach asked her to get drinks to catch up on everything that happened during filming before the show had aired.

Katie felt bad and let Mindy know afterward. But after seeing how he treated Mindy during their marriage on TV, she has no interest in dating him. “That is something I wouldn’t want as far as dating goes, I wouldn’t want to be involved with that,” Katie told him.

7. Jessica didn’t mind Austin traveling as much as she thought she would

Though Jessica Studer was convinced Austin Hurd’s travel for work would tear them apart, she found that absence does make the heart grow fonder. The couple is still married, making them the only success story from Season 10.

While they aren’t trying for kids yet, they are planning on buying a house and getting a dog.

8. Season 11 will take place in New Orleans

Until it airs, “MAFS” fans can look forward to “Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam.” The spinoff will give an intimate look at the lives of eight successful pairs who met on the show. The six-part series will air at 8 p.m., May 20 on Lifetime.

So far, Jessica and Austin have not been announced as cast members.

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