Malibu launches brand new watermelon flavour which is perfect for summer drinks

Now that the sun has started to make an appearance, what better way to enjoy the warm weather than with a refreshing beverage to cool you down?

If delicious cocktails are on the agenda for you this summer, Malibu has launched a new flavour, sure to be a hit at the next garden party.

Malibu Watermelon is a brand new flavoured, Caribbean rum, packed with fruity watermelon and bursting with tropical flavours. It's available in a 70cl bottle and you can buy it now in Tesco and Asda stores for £15.

Previously the flavour was only available overseas, now it's here for us in the UK to enjoy and we've spotted it online at several retailers including Dink Supermarket (£15.89), VIP Bottles (£16.99) and at Amazon for £21.29.

Malibu Watermelon can be enjoyed simply with lemonade or in a selection of summer serves, guaranteed to have you feeling like you’re sipping on a slice of summer – how good does that sound?

If you're too warm in the summer heat – why not pop a few in the freezer for Malibu frozen pops or even little Malibu ice cubes to really impress your guests.

And it seems everyone is keen to get in on the Malibu action, as a post on the official Facebook page garnered nearly 1k likes and over 1.5k comments.

One user commented: "Sounds gorgeous, I'll have to give it a try!"

Another quickly agreed stating: "Absolutely delicious! My friend managed to find just one bottle left in asda!! Safe to say it didn't last long in this house either!!"

Others were quick to remark that places were selling out quickly, with some fans missing out on their latest shopping trips, but determined to keep trying.

And if one launch wasn't enough, Malibu is kicking things up a notch with the arrival of Malibu Watermelon Lemonade cans.

The cans feature a sparkling blend of Caribbean rum and watermelon, with lemon lime flavours for a burst of freshness. They are available to purchase in Tesco and Morrisons for just £1.80 each – so that's the summer drinks sorted then?

If you're looking for more suggestions for your summer serves, why not check out the brand new Bubblegum Gin Liqueur which is available to buy in Morrisons stores now.

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