Magnum Ice Cream will deliver DIY Make My Magnum Kits absolutely free this Friday

With the lockdown upon us we’re stuck indoors, except for our government sanctioned hour of daily exercise or trips to buy essentials, so we all deserve a little treat.

Thankfully, Magnum are here to provide us with one because tomorrow, 24 April, the delicious ice cream brand will be giving Brits across the country the moment of pleasure they need by providing them with DIY Make My Magnum kits. And the they will be absolutely free!

But perhaps, the fact they are free is not even the best part, because the kits will also provide you with a fun activity to stave off the boredom as well as being a delicious treat.

Sales of arts and crafts were up 97% in the first week of lockdown and there has been an increase of 84% in online searches for banana bread recipes and sales of baking items increased by 223% throughout March. Therefore The DIY Make My Magnum kits are basically an amalgamation of the nation’s new favourite hobbies.

How it works is you are able to design your own bespoke Magnum creation. The experience is usually available in Magnum Pleasure Stores, where consumers can create their own ice cream with an array of personalised toppings at the dipping bar.

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However, with Pleasure Stores closed this year, the company has instead partnered with Deliveroo so that fans can re-create the experience in their own homes.

The kit features Magnum Ruby, which includes ice cream and the a new type of chocolate, Ruby, while the toppings feature much-loved flavours from the Magnum Pleasure Store and have been expertly selected to compliment the the Magnum Ruby.

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These include white chocolate shavings, chocolate fudge brownie, freeze dried raspberry crumble, lemon crunch and milk chocolate signature Magnum M coins. Dark chocolate is provided to melt and drizzle on your Magnum masterpiece.

A handy how-to guide leads participants through the experience, though creative freedom is encouraged.

The complimentary kits are available to order on Deliveroo from the 24th April, for fans to enjoy themselves or to gift someone who is seeking a pleasure-filled activity. After all, a day without pleasure is a day wasted…

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